you should meet him, his work might interest you. 
yeah, the guy has scifi credentials
oh then i should
and you need to know people in a strange city
don't you know my flair at meeting strangers
but don't flirt with him much
he's married by the way!
and i am happy and single
that means a lot of hope for me
shut up
don't i look serious enough?

numerous exchange of mails between scifi credentials and me
an evening together
long talks about what he works on
he seems nice to me
i ask lots of questions ..laughs..hmm
interesting! too good to be flirted with and dumped..shuh he is married!

and my last how's your wife?

neck deep in embarrassment, i had asked about his wife who probably hadn't begun to exist! shuh! me and strangers.. the one who is responsible for this shouldn't see the light of tomorrow..!  


Mansi said...

lol...nice one!!!

arvind said...

ho my god..
exceeding the limit..
(if u too married - nope!!)