You know I am obsessed about you. I love the way I impose yourself on me, like you're the last soul alive in this world and I need to hang on to you to survive, like you are the other name of life. I am absolutely obsessed about my obsession for you. I like the way reason loses its very significance when it stands on my way to you. I totally adore this madness that I thrive in, lately. I love the hurt. I love the pain that you cause me, like you possess me. I love the fact that you will never love me back, and I will die at your feet begging for your love in return for mine, but I wouldn't get any of it, but at least I will have one reason to die for. Yeah. You satiate me when you make me cry. At least you give me a vent for the stifled feelings inside me. You give me a reason to scream, every time you make me feel I am not the one and that I can never be the one. And this my love, is why I love you.


Aashayein said...

we crave for what we cant hv....

Pri said...

misery is self that why we hold it so close to us and never let it go??

Lucifer said...

thats a scary reason to die...

i wud have dies with jus that thot. must say this is a different kinda love, where pain feels like love...hmmm u ok na??

WritingsForLife said...

I can painfully relate to this - every word.

Vagabond said...

this is why i love 'you'
this is exactly why i love you.

aria said...

I am certain that most things that we crave for would turn out to be ordinary when we have 'them' in possession.

wildflower said...

@ Mansi
'cant' is a painful word..

@ Pri
my misery is mine..if not anyone else ..let me hold on to it

@ Mayank
yu & i arevery different!

@ Raaji..
hmm :|

@ Vagabond
:D.. i like touche'

@ aria
i wish to realize tht beforhand..

arvind said...

ho my god..
u love for ur selfishness?
not becoz of ur love..
dont do that..
love - is ur feeling..
and its ur personal..
so near you..
just try to reveal that..
just have a joy to reveal it..
like a beautiful butterfly..
bother abt the RESULT..

$uch! said...

and again I Love You :)

Dreamcatcher said...

horny!!!!....but still it conveys every desire this heart has wen its in love...awesum read!

wildflower said...

@ S
i don't anymore..!

@ Jitika
horny eh?! thnka..

Gyanban said...

a thin line between blind love and blended love...if you know what I mean, sometimes life is so patternless that even if we have what we desire to posses we are not satiated...sometimes claustrophobia looses it s meaning sometimes ordinary becomes obsession...sometime life surprises it self...we are just watchers...

wildflower said...

and these days..i am overwhelmed by this passivity..i am so taking things lying down..