Yeah, so I am learning German..!

But everything else is just the same, I still waste my time online
I call up my best friend when I have nothing else to do
And realize that talking to her is the best thing I have done in weeks
I still love chicken a lot
I keep changing my pictures on fb
And I am always sceptical about talking to new people/strangers
And I still laugh aloud, or don't laugh at all
Even now, I freak out totally while waiting for replies of sms's/ mails
I am always in the process of becoming more pathetic in writing formal letters
And I get so lost in thoughts that I can't hear voices, I am like always shaken out of sleep!
OR may be, just may be, that I am semi/quarter/just a trifle deaf?
May be I need a doc?
Or a cure for lonliness..
I still go for solitary long walks
I always want a change, I am god like at adapting to them
But there are always some things I can never ever get better at, like talking to a certain kind of women..
I still call me mom four times a day, I wake up to her sweet voice every morn..
And I try to avoid fake people, and it has sure been years I have been trying to do that
I am still shit scared of something I can write nothing on my blog about
Hmm..I still sleep like I am dead, like totally dead..uggh!

I still do a lot of things I did, though I can never become the person I was then..


Lucifer said...

hey for some reason i really liked this post...

insight into the wildflower. dsnt happen vy often in such clr words

The Rain Crab said...

Liked the post!!!
It very sad that we cannot get bak to what we wer... unlearn all that we have learned is all it takes but u knw how difficult it is right.

Time has conditioned us in a way that it's so hard to crack the "present we/me/us/whatever"

Dreamcatcher said...

how iv fallen in love with your blog in such a short tym....
dis post of urs forced me to discover my own self...whom i had lost in these few months...
thanx to you, m rediscovering me!

$uch! said...


arvind said...

German - Ich liebe dich..

hi.. u have told about all of urs:
learing words, calling friends, strangers, laughing, sms, letters (how u respond for these), lonely walks, morning wake, fake people and sleep..

which normally one nvr disclose - though they are full of like this..

just enjoyed the way - inwhich the composition was made..

(that German words mean - 143!)

wildflower said...

@ Jitsy..hope it takes u longer to fall out of this luve ;)
@ S
...............hmm..wanna hug babay..

aria said...

I had learned German for a year and now its immaculately wiped away from my memory ..
I hope it doesn't happen to you :)

btw its tough to avoid fake people .. in my case I keep detecting their fakeness when it is too late.. but then we live to learn..

nice to know a little more about the flower ..

Mr Happy said...

wie geht es ? :)

i learned german and now forgetting day by day:(

wildflower said...

& aria..ur picture honestly, makes me want to know so much more about you..

@ happy
dn worry abt that..js be happy ;)