25% of me

So I have been tagged. And I have to write 25 things about myself. 25 is a huge number..
But, PFB:

1. I am a loner, and as is the case with loners, I have never given my friends the importance they deserve in my life. Lately, I have realized that I should, mend my ways.
2. I always wanted a teddy for myself. But then put the thought away as I thought it would occupy too much space on my bed. I need a lot of space, you see. And I love sleeping alone. But my friend got me one, and I am doing a lot of teddy-talking these days. You could suggest names for it, if you want.
3. I keep practicing detachment all the time. I keep telling myself everything is non-permanent. Whenever I see myself in a position fearing my life without a certain thing/person, I immediately step back and see the whole situation from a broader perspective. So the thing/person leaves me? So what? You know, you have no idea about the degree to which the human mind can adapt.
4. I love brownie ala mode at Baskin Robins. I don't like SubWay that much.
5. I love wearing skirts. I don't love wearing stilettos, I have never tried them really. This is to let you know that I am very down to earth. I am getting a pair of sexy stilettos for myself asap, by the way.
6. I track the readers of this blog. Because, when I get a hint that someone read a 50 posts here, I want to find out who was it. What went through his mind. Let's not be sexist, her mind. What held them on for so long.
7. In relationships, I am the craziest person you would have ever known. I am this exorbitantly demanding, insanely jealous, impossibly possessive, unruly like a thirteen year old kid, I myself would slap when I am sane.
8. I paint my toes.Not my finger-nails. I rarely do the former anyway. But I always paint them black, whenever I paint them.
9. I love going out alone. I am so used to it that now I love it. I love to see the expression on the face of the waitress everytime I ask for a table for one! You mean a table for two?
10. But sometimes, I like to have a nice conversation with a person on the other side of the table for two. With candles between us, floating on water, along with rose petals. I got very specific with this one didn't I.
11. Most of the stuff I put up on this blog is true. It is all based on my experience. Some are a little inspired from imaginations. But sadly, very very sadly, most of them are all about what I have been through, in flesh and blood.
12. I love hot showers. I love them, can stand in them for hours. I have done that, my skin gets wrinkles after that, but that doesn't deter me. I love hot showers in summer too.
13. I am the closest to being me when I am lost in thought.
14. I am yet to experience quarter life crisis. Or may be I have lived through it. But I am definitely not having it now.
15. I never regret. Sometimes I forcibly stop myself from regretting. I don't even regret the worst things I have done in my life. They continue to live within me, as nondetachable parts of me. And I want the day never to come when I would regret them.
16. I know, being in love is the most beautiful feeling in the world.
17. I think I am ugly. As in, not beautiful. Sometimes I blame everything that is wrong with my life on my not being beautiful. I know it's not fair, but it's an old habit.
18. My best friend is my pin cushion. I fall back on her whenever I need to. I would have married her had it not been for my gender/sexual orientation.
19.  I believe, 25 is a huge number.
20. I love purple. The more I realize this, the more I find out how much purple I have shopped for unconsciously. Purple three-fourths, purple T's, purple earrings. I only need to get purple shoes!
21. I always wanted to write with an ink pen. It is a very fulfilling act. I got myself one, it didn't work properly. And I got back to typing my heart out. But when I write a book, (this is not funny :P) I might have to revert to the ink pen, and quit/pause writing this blog for sometime/altogether.
22. Every person has an influence they have grown up with. I have none. I have no idols in life. No moral standards that the society has set for people to follow. I could try anything, if my heart wishes to. Just about anything!
23. My childhood has an enormous impact on the person I am. And what makes me more conscious of it is that all of that impact is unconscious. Yes, the incidents of my childhood hold my subconscious hostage. I get possessed when I try to remember.
24. I am wondering, if you have reached this far :P ?!
25.  The person who has tagged me, I have been friends with for the last 5 years. 5 years is a long time. Scary long. And we have been friends despite me, despite him.

And I tag no-one! Aren't you relieved?


Tapas said...

Thank you. :-)

$uch! said...

I found myself sumwhere in d lines :)

$uch! said...

and 5% of me :)

wildflower said...

@ Tapas
anytime :)

@ S
but obvious :D

Vagabond said...

3. does not really help does it.
15,17,22. ditto.
wish for a 18.

wildflower said...

about 3, i suffer a lot wen i fail @ it.. and after readin 18, she called me up, pleasantly shocked :P

$uch! said...

@Vagabond: 3 does not really help
15,17,22 ditto :P

$uch! said...

and yes 23 also :)

wildflower said...

@ Vagabond
and Suchi is my best friend :)

The Rain Crab said...

I envy uuuu!!!
So independent! So being yourself!!!
wer do u stay? take me with you ^_^ i want to be around ppl like u!

Vagabond said...

resonating my tghts eh? =) me likes.

@wildflower: i knw right!

@wildflower and suchi:congrats on a frnd that is so supportive =)

arvind said...

25% of u?
feel with 4 other like this - u may finish the description of u!

not read that now..
but surely will read..

Boobesh said...

of all yr post, this post could have taken a long time for u to write...

wildflower said...

@ rain
if this makes u feel i am independent, then i am not because i am not. i am crazy dependent on the ones i want love from~

@ boobesh
LoL, my friend of 5 yrs had tagged me u see..no question of not doin it!

The Rain Crab said...

@Wild: I feel you are trying to break free... Well if you say u r not independent :) what cam i say?!?!
How much will love drink up ppls lives?!?!? no one ever knows!

SammY said...

U made it 25 :) Awesome!!!! Well 1 7 15 16 22 23 is my number!!!!!! Peace

wildflower said...

that makes 15 a famous point :D

ani_aset said...

well i love brownies too but the one with an icecream and chocolate sauce on top..the hot ones :D..nicely done tag :)

Zave said...

I'm trying to think.
But reading your above posts, my mind is all preoccupied.

Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon

Can I link to this post please?

wildflower said...

You stand disadvantaged due to your anonymity now!

Anonymous said...

Great post, I am almost 100% in agreement with you

wildflower said...

in agreement for you or for me?!