escaping the obvious

can the truth be forgotten for one night?
can i come back to you for tonite?
i promise, i will get away before u're up in th morn..
can we forget the split? like i sometimes daydream about..
like nothing happened, and be happy as ever
can we ditch the present, care not about the future
and slip into th past, just for tonite..darl..
the corner in your bed, that belonged to me,
can i have it again, just for tonite?

can i brush my fingers thru your hair?
and kiss your chin..?
and watch you sleep..
can i see you tonite?
one time, one last time
can i love you tonite?

my sweethearrt, my chocolate pie, my baby..



Vagabond said...

waqt ke sitam kam haseen nahin, aaj hain yahan kal kahin nahin...waqt se pare agar tum milo kahin...

-naam gum jaega, kinara.

$uch! said...

waqt se pare agar tum milo kahin...
totally agreed

wildflower said...

then, may be I am ready to take a leap, that leap, for him..

Vagabond said...

take the leap. you'll suffer any which way. better to do it than look back and sAy: "I WISH"

chouhaan said...

Yes yes !! you can do whatever you want ..but only for tnite darls ...u knw morrw morning my girlfriend is back in town...

wildflower said...

@ amit
:P girlfriend ko abhi bulalete hain na darls.. !!

ani_aset said...

waah :) nice one..i wrote something similar sometime back here :)

Zave said...

Can I go back to where I was?
That is a question I too ask myself everyday, and someone silently replies back, "never"!