stories from neverland!

the mind and the body are like Siamese twins. only death does them apart. this bond that binds them should be respected. they cannot stay uninvolved in each other's business. sometimes the body enslaves the mind. sometimes the mind asks the body to shut up and obey. figuring out a path of non-alignment towards either is difficult. 

oh this sounds funny already. but i will write this out anyway. 

each has a wish of its own. the mind's wish is like a longing, the body's is called desire. . they start looking for a common point of culmination. and if they don't find one, then life gets messed up. 

this was just fyi..  


SammY said...

Desire Plays a big role, wen u control dat wit Mind Ur a RokStar already :) U hav nothin to wrry abt,. N Jus curious,.. Wats the play of Soul here???!!!

$uch! said...

gr8 :)

arvind said...

its not fyi..
its sufi!

N!V said...

Girl, I'm no one's fan. No Amitabh bachhan or Will Smith. No Tendulkar or Federer. I only appreciate them. But I'm beginning to become fanatic about what you write (mostly because I can't believe the highest level of honesty that I sometimes see in your posts). I'd really love to befriend you, though I wonder if that will make me fall out of love with the wildflower I know. :)

wildflower said...

@ Sam
i so so wanna be that rockstar dude! seriously !!

@ S
yeah, i know :) hifi post eh :P

@ arvind
fyi is for your information!

@ niv
wow! like the best comment i ever got :) wildflower is the real person i am, everything else is a facade..will get in touch asap.. :)

arvind said...

forget to add:
me read -
the interaction of the body and mind (not the brain!) is emotion!

(¯`•._.•[Raajii]•._.•´¯) said...

oh this is not funny - this is almost scary and it is so true too. Perhaps that is what makes it scary.

ani_aset said...

thank you for this :)

wildflower said...

the truth is kinda scary yeah, all the more difficult to accept.. Raaji

& 'twas a pleasure ani_set :)

Zave said...

That was a mind blowing revelation! Really!