my love is sacred, it's outrageously passionate. it's irrational and uncompromising.
your love is moody. it switches between maddening heights and unknown depths, it kills me whenn it does that, bothways
my love is pathetically possessive of you, yours is nameless
my love paralyzes me, it is as unconditional as unconditional could get, it doesn't crave for your response, yet it does.
you hold me hostage, you dictate my mind's every move
i don't matter to you, you follow the faceless like a lunatic
your love is divine, mine is human, very human
i need you and youare insatiable
i stay up like an insane insomniac, watching you sleep
you are a rock, while i explode to your every touch

it's badly lopsided..

my loveis love
and yours is not


Mayz said...

certainly not made for each other

wildflower said...

that was the alternative title i had though of

arvind said...

a day me read ur old post..
u going to a temple with ur dad..(instead of a shopping mal!!)
me just compared that post with ur present posts..

lot of clouds have been covered our life and shadow all the beautiful things..

me just want a - flow of u in ur own nature.. which is quiet beautiful..

me not read this post - but comment u in a day - after sink in to that feel..

SammY said...

Awsssummmmm!!!!!!! Ur thoughts r jus raw n u bring it up fresh n alive!!! Inspired writin??

wildflower said...

@ Sam

i wish it was js writin...

SammY said...

Mm its not js writin,. ppl don js write stuff!! words r jus picture perfect,. u hav the perfect mind for a writer,. rok on!!!

The Rain Crab said...

ex"my love is love
and yours is not" :) and yet you/we all love! :)
love is an endless pain in pleasure... :) one who can give pure love really can't escape this! we just keep loving no matter wat! :) beautifully emoted wild! :)

academically impaired said...

my loveis love
and yours is not

grossly unfair.....

i refuse to aGree..
apka karein to pyaar
aur wo karein to b******r??

wildflower said...

LoL again.. :D

and u knw wot..i wanna give..give like i never thought i could!

tujhse baad main nipati hun!!! :D

SammY said...

@ Rain, @ Wild - Wat happens wen u giv n giv n giv, wat happens at the END!!!?? ITs all ovr n still givn is a joy?? Self destructive pleasure!!!!!

The Rain Crab said...

@SAM: Can u help it??? c'mon! :)

wildflower said...

we can't help ourselves.. seriously..we are just designed tht way i guess.. :(

ANWESA said...

**my loveis love
and yours is not

Piercing lines....

SammY said...

:) true,. we ppl hav a name?? is ther a club for dis kinda givin :),. am already a member lookin out for exit!!!!!

The Rain Crab said...

@sam: i told ya... helpless romantics ;)