what are we doing?

we are sitting on a bench, by the side of a lake, rubbing our feet on the grass, on the other side of
midnight, getting drenched in the first rain

Is this what we always wanted?

May be not. We wanted other things.

What other things?

Other things like love, may be. Yeah, love. The most beautiful thing in the world.

So why are we here?

Because love didn't happen.

The reason?

Noreason. The moment we to try to figure out the reason, we can't stop cursing ourselves. So we just sit quietly, trying to hold our cold shivers inside, looking at the lights from the highway reflect on the black peaceful water of the lake.

But what next?

We will walk back, like fallen soldiers, tearing the stillness of the dead night, back into our rooms. Lie down on our beds and hold our breath and close our eyes, and see a face inside our minds and remember..things that could have been. And finally hopefully at a certain point of time, may be, the ache in our hearts will be subdued by our need for a refuge in sleep. And then, may be we would dream, may be we would not..

Can two wounded hearts, heal each other?

Sitting on a bench, by the side of a lake, rubbing their feet on the grass, on the other side of midnight, getting drenched in the first rain, may be they can. Or may be they would never.

And I hope they never..


The Rain Crab said...

My opinion... two wounded hearts can of course heal each other! :)

The place u described was unusual but nice! &_&

arvind said...

why it get wounded?
because - we are always unalert..

but a real love need much more alert.. a small change in a breath could even be noticed by the other..

that crates the problem..
they not only notice but intervene..

so, there is in need of alertness and another need of non-intervention..

atleast that two hearts select the nature - the moon, the lake, the breeze and the rain to heal them..

they perfectly understand - that love is created by the nature.. the ache too.. and let the nature to heal it..

they may get heal - over the long..

but the way inwhich - wild flower -flow the aching emotions - is beautiful..

anirudh said...

amazingly beautiful.... aah... makes bells ring in my ears..!

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Girish (a.k.a) Gary said...

A healing heart - misery should seek a doctor-patient type friend's heart rather than one more healing heart to become one! cos at the end of the day, the casts and bandages do need to come out :)

wildflower said...

thnx rudh & rain.. :)

@ gary
but the friend with a healthy heart can never be in theshoes of the friend with the wounded heart..and whateve the former says sounds impractical to the latter ..

SammY said...

"the ache in our hearts will be subdued by our need for a refuge in sleep" - Couldn be more true!!!!!!!!! U Rok!!!!! \m/

academically impaired said...

hopefully they do.. hopefully :)

wildflower said...

@ Sam
LoL.. i do

@ Lucky
they do :( but they take time..a lot of it i guess...!!