I am not the girl next door, you have fallen for. Your perception of me, makes me feel that I have been lying to you, all this time. It fills me a little guilt, and more fear, what when you realize who I am. Will you stay?

I am the one who doesn't get the silliest of jokes, yet yearns to be beyond the last blue of horizon. I am the one who is older than her age, yet the kid around. The one is almost always sorrowful, yet bursts out laughing, once aloud, and then her laughter keeps returning after undefined intervals of time, many don't understand why.

Inside me, two contradicting theories meet, and fight, to relentlessly disprove each other, and highlight my insanity and deviation from normalcy with an augmented obviousness. You wouldn't get me!

I am your antithesis. We have only one in a zillion similarities. I am aware of this, and what strikes me most is that you don't have the slightest idea!

I am a lot more things, you don't know. And I would rather not show.

And everyday, there is a moment when you charm me, and I realize that there is a person in you I don't know. I would rather not know.

It must be true that opposites attract. It must be true that mystery keeps people hung on each other. But for how long is the more pertinent question!?


arvind said...

the one side of the coin was revealed.. no need to know the other side..

everyone wonders abt the moon - just fall in the beauty of it.. never means - they want to get it..

feel - now a days u r writing - VARITIES.. (is it a tag?)

Lehari. said...

aww ! itz a lovely ..damn lovely post !

(¯`•._.•[Raajii]•._.•´¯) said...

I suppose for however long it takes. Lets just say I have been struggling with the same idea myself these days. Do you continue to invest in something knowing that it wont work out in the long run but you love it at the moment?

Zave said...

Mystery ends when you say it should end.
And when it does, its not 'cause there is no mystery, its 'cause you are in no need of it.
What remains will a foggy mysterious passage which you two would walk hand in hand, right till you get to the other end, till the end of your life.

I have something like this in mind, but sorry for not being able to reveal it so well. If only I had your descriptive powers!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

it will linger until for a little while, until you get comfortable with the person...
I can tell from experience. :P

Sneha Balraj said...

everyone's so experienced here! Getting a complex for sure!!someday... :-)

wildflower said...

@ arvind..
no, it's a choice!

@ Lehari
mm.. i c ..wasn't meant to be though ;)

@ Raaji
My history says I shouldn't. My heart says I daren't. But still I do!

@ Zave
Dude!! U're flattering a broken heart. Beware of the consequences :P

@ Blasphemous Aesthete
I'm glad you have such lovely experiences. I don't think I will have mine ..

@ Sneha
Sure..Love..Someday! :-) Cheers!

D2 said...

lovely post. I must add that I feel this way too. Very few would understand my chaotic nuances.

Being mysterious is an art in its own.
The aura of your imperceptibility very definitive.
This is what defines you, let it be overwhelmingly powerful.
This is what charms; let it always remain and inspire.
You have earned a new follower in me!

arvind said...

(yet bursts out laughing, once aloud, and then her laughter keeps returning after undefined intervals of time)

(if you laughed this time pls intimate me)
The nagging old lady in bed for a week on doctor's advice. Nothing suits her. She complaints about the weather, the medicine and especially her husband's cooking.

One day after taking in her breakfast tray and cleaning up the kitchen, the old man sits down in his den. She hears the scratching of his pen.

“What are you doing now?” she calls.
“Writng a letter.”
“Who are you writing to?”
“Cousing Ann.”
“What are you writing to her about?”
“I am telling her your are sick, but the doctors say you will be okay soon, and there is no danger.”

And then he asks, after a small pause,
“How do you spell cemetery? With a ‘c’ or with a ‘s’?

Zave said...

I've given up on thinking about consequences.
That is of no use, so I say whatever comes to my mind.
That sounds better, right?
I hope I'll not be threatened on this comment as well.

wildflower said...

I'm honored!
was kidding :)

Rajita said...

Why do you feel you are not what he thinks you to might be that and more..
There is no fixed definition of a person..
we think of ourselevs to be something we would like the other person to perceive us as

wildflower said...

I want to be the person he assumes I am. I do..I am crazy!

Rajita said...

Maybe you just don't know :)

$uch! said...

same here :(