Happyness walks in to my room, unannounced. At 1:30 in  the night, wakes me up to ask me if I was sleeping.

I never write about the trifle good things that happen to me. I am so possessive of them. I am scared of sharing them with another soul. I am afraid of losing them so much. And I believe that if I speak of them, then the happyness leaves me. It happens that way, call me superstitious. I choose only the sorrow to write about. It's aplenty. It's easy to write down about. But writing about happyness is different, no matter what words you use, they mostly fall short of encapsulating the magic. The magic, the feeling of not being able to breathe, out of all the joy you can't contain anymore.

But I am writing this because I keep record. Yeah, record you know. So that I don't forget. People marry because they want to have a witness to their lives. And if I never marry this blog is gonna be my witness. ;)

I have written about happyness previously too, yeah, I remember distinctly. But I ended up losing it, reason very much to add to my fear. But why am I doing it again? May be because, a lot of water has passed under the bridge since then. And because I think now I am hard enough to take it. To stand and watch like a mute spectator, the object of affection being snatched away from me by a brute whose face I can't see.

But now I am happy. This moment I am. And writing this down here is totally worth it. Well, I guess.

Happyness just walked in to my room, unannounced. At 1:30 in  the night, woke me up to ask me if I was sleeping. And I screamed with eyes wide open, "Hell Naah!!"


Elise said...

For reasons I don't know, reading this entry makes me happy, too. :)

May you keep this happiness with you all the rest of your life.

I wonder when will my own happiness arrive....I wish it would be sooner.

Keep on blogging.

Mayz said...

*touchwood* :)

arvind said...

"but I ended up losing it"

every time you and everyone is going to lose it - for the simple reason - you/we are expecting too much out of it..

me may not know - how my blood circulate in my system.. at times your words tell me - "HOW"

enjoy it and never lose it for a momene..

Rajita said...

hold it..grab it..and even if it goes off think that it could be yours for whatever time it was

But dont let it get a hold on you :)

wildflower said...

@ Elise
It does, it stays for sometime and then leaves, comes back if it feels like. Whatever happens, blog I will

@ Mayank
yeah .. hm :)

@ Rajita
the heart doesn't understand the constraints of time.. :(

Zave said...

When I had started reading it, I thought I was about to go on a journey to experience some happyness, but when I stopped I saw myself standing where I began!
This at least proves that the Earth is round!

Boobesh said...

Same here.

wildflower said...

Guys, sad that this dint make u happy.. :|

Bhav said...

i read this post as soon as u left... and am happy :):)

PS: I still do not know why I opened your blog NOW ;)

Vagabond said...

best of luck =)

Vagabond said...

i second rajita's comment though...take care.

The Rain Crab said...

I wish happiness walks in to ur room annd in to U every night and day! :)

Cheers! :)

wildflower said...

@ Bhav
dekh..tht means u shud read me oftener :P i went to d hospital after i wrote this.. how ironical can life get .. :|

@ Vagabond
don't think its gonna last, but its for a while at least, thanks :) need your wishes the most

@ Rain
i wish that too..somuch..somuch!

obssesor said...

You know apparantly happiness is doubled when you share it. But I completely agree with you, when one is happy we are too busy revelling in it to write and it's the reverse when you are sad!!

arvind said...

medical treatment?

take care..

$uch! said...

I missed sumthng ;(

wildflower said...

So did I. That was some water under the bridge. Have stories to tell, of every nigh and every dae.. :(