YOu know you and I are a part of this dream and it keeps coming again and again. I can't help it from happening you know. It's disturbing at times, at times it just reminds me that I am still me. It's a Sunday morning and I wake up to a mild cold breeze grazing my face, it is somewhat cold. your side of the bed is empty, my eyes are hardly open. It must have been like dawn or before that, like 5:30 or sumthin. I see the creases on the sheet, it feels silken as I wipe my hand over it. And then I wake up, like become more conscious. Wrapping a cover around me, I walk into the patio, to see you lean on the railing, looking down. Thirteenth floor. You're smoking. I stand next to you and you give me a cursory glance. I smile and look away. Then I lean on you and you hold me from my waist.. And both of us look at the sky, waiting for sun-rise. Reddish and quiet. The mild cold breeze is still there, brushing my hair, our faces. And then time freezes.

You and I meet again, to part and then meet again. this dream stays


Zave said...

*hands in the air*
"Me too! I feel the same way sometimes, but sometimes, I think so".

Rajita said...

I used to feel that my love is unique..but when I read your blog I feel love has only one face..for feels the same in every heart


Sneha Balraj said...

Hey! You dreamed of wrapping yourself in a sheet and walking to the patio to find him smoking and leaning against the railing and he holds you at your waist and both of you wait for the sunrise! It rings a bell!
Statutory warning:
Heavy doses of Hollywood romantic flicks affect your dreams.Specially the romantic, post-lovemaking scenes! KIDDING YA!
;-) I wish I could dream so much of romance! Sigh!

Confused but loved the lines-"You and I meet again, to part and then meet again. this dream stays"
:) Great write!

nOt anyone you know said...

*smiles wide*

Sneha Balraj said...

I read your comment on Zave's post! And you're some kinda Goddess of quotes! :)

wildflower said...

thinkin vs. feelin..?

I've feelin th same since i was sixteen!

yea yea, yu cant deny the influence of hollywood on my subconscious.. :P

nOt anyone you know
keep smilin..sm1 must be luvin that :))

wildflower said...

@ Sneha..!
"You and I meet again, to part and then meet again. this dream stays"

it's because i dn rmbr the face of the man beside me in the patio.. and in life the man who could be him keeps changing..the faceless man and i keep parting and meeting..i hope i am clear now? :)

D2 said...

But how do you dream so vivid dreams?
The feeling really is wondrous.

nOt anyone you know said...

yeah my mom does, i guess. =)

wildflower said...

that's how we dream with eyes doesn lemme sleep :D

c'mon! i mean of course your mom..but sm1 else also.. :))

arvind said...

dreams always stays - like ur words..

Tan said...

is it the two of us..i mean our thoughts :P why do they have to be so similar!! my dream toooooo....

wildflower said...

too much of hollywood, too much of deprivation :P in both cases!!

nOt anyone you know said...

wah!! you know my name!!!
look look!
you seem to have some inside information..hmmm...
*sits and wonders*

wildflower said...

well VB was fine..but when yu switched to the latest..i wud chose Bhavika :) it sounds so much like you..

$uch! said...

loved it :)