Feminist-I am not!

I know some men who are scared of age. Age is not as scary as it seems. Sometimes a strand or two of grey hair is more sexy than it could imagined to be. Age is experience, age is maturity. Age says, I've been there, done that. Age is a calm smile, age is nerves of steel, patience. Age is a just fine.

But some men don't want to grow up. They hate thirties. Oh! I love thirties. To console themselves, they flirt around with eighteen-year-olds. It's pathetic.Argh! It's frustrating, their desperate attempts. What kind of paedophilia is that now!

Also, it is another side of the same story that super-confused eighteen-year-old females find solace in the arms of the middle aged, sometimes. They could be, super-tired of the guys their age, who know hardly anything except for vital statistics. And for the old men, these chicks are a good bargain, aren't they? Poor chicks think, it's not the chic that their grey admirers are after, but have a quest of their inner beauty. Bleh! That kind of a thing, is beyond the comprehension of all the men on this planet. Men, irrespective of their age, are all the same.


Matangi Mawley said...

:) 18 yr old boys can be pretty immature compared to 18 yr old girls who prefer mature men! no- no i don't support the men or the women- i tend to see things as they are!

I like the thirties too... can't wait to get there! :)

good one!

Rajita said...

Yes they are..and these 18 year old females dont know that the thirty something aint any better than the guy their age..they have just grown in age..nothing else

arvind said...

another angry?


arvind said...

every time me use to see only one thing:

only one love..
just a love in a man or woman.. its just a simple love..
for that love they are ready to give up their life too..
its so simple..

the frustration on their path alone - tear them into pieces..
they are shattered in to pieces -
which could never get composed at any point of times in their life again..

if me said anything wrong -
nvr bother; as me use to do said them always..

Fickle Cattle said...

Maybe not if they're gay. :-p

I take life as it comes. There is no point obsessing about age, we are all slaves to time.


$uch! said...

:) totally agreed :)

wildflower said...

@ S
! mich-ed yu..

SammY said...

Cant Refuse Neither Can Agree!!! SHARP!!!! :)

wildflower said...

I felt very powerful while writin this one!

Smruti Ranjan said...

interesting and thoughtful.

My args are:
1.Age is not always experience. Age only means I've been there. So one who experiences stuffs regularly do not age / don't care aging :P
2. Men in thirties flirts.. Men at every age flirts :P Can't associate with age
3. I think in india, guy / girl gets married early and mature late. So this thirties stuff perception is there.