I am a semi-fictional character created by me.
Semi is read as sem-ahy, and not as sem-ee. 
Sometimes, I have a problem believing that I exist.
I am beyond my own belief. Post twenty-too years of existence, I am not sure if I am for real.
I don't know if you would pinch me, and I would squirm ouch! 

The person I am, is a character from an unending dream.
But this dream, they say, has ended. 
As is natural with creators, they murder the protagonists of the fiction they create, when their story ends.
But mine didn't. 
My murder was missed out on, fortunately forgotten.
Or was I cleverly excluded from the obvious?!

I exist, because I was chosen to
I exist, because you imagine I do


Zave said...

There are certain moments when your mind is totally blank, this is one of them.
I just read your write up and yet I'm short of any thought, yet somehow I'm inclined to say, I like it.
I can't reason out with you, but I like it.

Vagabond said...

the last line is a heart stealer. u said it all there.
about the emotions underlining the post i wont say a word, nothing will do justice to that.
the way you wrote it, the italics and the word play makes the emotions come out clear like u are sitting there spelling them out.

Sudeep said...

Do all creators kill their protagonists when the story is over? Some of the protagonists live forever don't they?
You, being the character of a dream, can't be killed when the creator, wishes. Dreams are never controlled, right?

The Rain Crab said...

I like the way you think and the way you put it in words! :)

"I exist, because I was chosen to
I exist, because you imagine I do" these lines wer awesome! :)

wildflower said...

forget it ;) sm serious midnight ranting involved in there!

I am almost proud of how explicit I Can be! :D

U've gotta point..pro'ly that's why i have lived on..


arvind said...

My murder was missed out on, fortunately forgotten..

who forget?
atleast me may remember..

how to bring the flower to the earth?
she is happy at the top of the tree.. very high.. and she knows - she may fallen at any moment.. but she is enjoying.. just enjoying the energy of the tree..

and we happy - ON SEEING THE FLOWER.. the WILD FLOWER..

Zave said...

I love midnight rantings! Always have.

Tapas said...

Every post is incomplete without Arvind's comment! Arvind, please elaborate, enlighten us. Me dying to know who forgot your murder and how and when did Wildflower climb down such a tall tree? Please.

arvind said...

@tapas: two things me want to know..

1) r u really dying to know?
2) is any flower climb down a tree?

(it may fall! even an LKG girl (!) student may answer!)

me may stop commenting - if the owner of the blog objects..

at times me feel life left me with "just some more time.." and before that me want to see - some body's gut to write a novel!!!!

(¯`•._.•[Raajii]•._.•´¯) said...

Yep, we all exist because we choose to :-).

Tapas said...

Apologies :-) I think I got your point.

The Rain Crab said...

@Tapas: I empathize ur feelings :P :)

wildflower said...
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wildflower said...

@ Rain
& you spoke for me again..! thanx :D

@ Raaji
it sure takes some guts to choose ourselves despite everything! we're brave :-)

@ Tapas

arvind said...

ho my god..
no appologies needed..

if u said "yes" - u might pass some message to some one!!

gone through ur blog..
me just loved: "Ruminations of a city.." its so lovely and heart touch..

arvind said...

forget to tell -