I can't take my eyes off you..
Let me hold on
a moment more,
and the one after that
Let me look at you
let me drink from your thoughts
listen to your muted voices
I can't take my mind off you..

Let me come a li'l

There is something 'bout shedding your emotions, one by one, before the one you love. Just like shedding your clothes, one by one. It could be as cathartic as sex could be sometimes. That feeling of being emotionally naked before him, sharing all the dirty secret. The intimacy of being one, with him. The feel of being Closer, than Closer could be..


Hopeless Romantic said...

Last 2 posts...i can feel the vulnerability....the awkwardness..the nostalgia..

Take care,

Zave said...

Beautiful thought.
I agree.

Vagabond said...

have you seen the movie 'CLOSER'?
i recommend!!
and the song BLOWER'S DAUGHTER by Damien Rice!

wildflower said...

@ Hopeless Romantic
m tryn to..writin so much is a part of that endeavor

@ Zave

@ Vagabond
love the song, the muvy disappointed me. i am in a stage in which i can't take complications in relationships, even in movies. and Closer has many messy affairs, i chucked it in between for a stupid lil romantic comedy, which had a happily-ever-after ending!

arvind said...

as the tightly clasped hands -
in which each fingers fell on another so firm and as such no tomorrow..

(¯`•._.•[Raajii]•._.•´¯) said...

one of these days you are just going to kill me! Stop writing so wonderfully :-)

The Rain Crab said...

ahh.. i loved this i loved this i loved this (jumping) ;)
love the way u write wild, wild ;)

wildflower said...

Ah Raaji..dunno wot to say, so flattered i never have been..

& Rain, Rain..
i can't stop grinning. you just made my life more worthwhile :)