I am smiling when I ought not to
When I am a bag of illness

Sore organs, out of their way
Crazyly beating away
like unruly children

I am standing still
When I ought to crumble
Into unrecognizable pieces of me

All of a sudden
Out of the blue
I made possible out of the impossible

I am alive, when I ought to be dead

Because, you're holding my hand
I am standing through this

I know, beyond this dark night
Is a tomorrow,
A tomorrow with us in it
Our tomorrow..


Elise said...

I thought you already lose faith in hope. I am glad you still have it.
Way to go. May you never ever give up on that. Hope keeps this world alive.

May you have a blessed day today and the days to come!

Mayz said...

m glad to see this post!

arvind said...

disease always make at ease
as it gives us rest..

just we care ourselves a little more at those times..

everything would be fine and
a prayer is always there for ur cure..

wildflower said...

@ Elise
I have these terrible swings, sometimes i hate hope, sometimes hopeful is the only thing i can be

@ Mayz
glad to see me alive!

wildflower said...

@ arvind
this too will pass, gotta be brave!

arvind said...

u put post - almost daily..
me felt that u r under pain -
but try to laugh and hide..

take rest.. and enjoy the cold!

Harsha said...

beautifully written .. it is only u i knw who can disguise it and still write everything .. :)