There is a certain beauty
about sanity
hard-earned sanity
I hope, you know

She was beautiful
staring into the mirror
An intent glare

Deep, very deep
like drilling into her soul
Calm, like dead

Though never as alive
One protruding chin, thoughtful tresses
thin brows, large deep set eyes
and that killing glare, oh

After a lifetime of being cursed as ugly
A moment of sanity told her
that she was indeed
Beautiful, insane no more.

But not the kind that
titillates the flesh
But the kind that
frees the soul from it, the flesh

Beautiful, sigh


The Sage said...

beauty is in the eyes of the beer holder!!

$uch! said...

Beautiful :)

Rajita said...

:) Indeed she is beautiful..what made her feel otherwise ever?

Lehari. said...

One moment of moment of cognition is enough to leave behind the ugliness of a lifetime..

Enchanta said...

I want to "like" Rajita's comment !
I second it whole heartedly :-)

wildflower said...


:) Thanks love!

Oh, she just got a li'l confused between mere pretty and beautiful ;)

True.. I wish for a thousand more such moments!

:) :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Beautiful indeed. The soul, if not the face, but faces can be such a farce, should they matter? In the long run?

D2 said...

She's beautiful. It doesn't matter what anyone else says and she is above words.