Li'l Miss

Li'l Miss sat on a dining chair, her tiny pink socked feet floating in the air. She made squeaky noises with the fork on her plate. Her plate of course, was made specially for her, the Li'l Miss. Had all the colors her eyes could imagine and smileys too. She was the Apple of Daddy's eye. Mommy's last first love. She had a funny looking ponytail tied in a band of beads, very pretty. Her feet though kept floating in the air, not looking for any ground at all, it wasn't time yet.

Li'l Miss had been trying Daddy's slippers and dragging them around the whole house, until mommy barged out of the kitchen and put her on top of this chair she couldn't get down from, the height was a little scary. So she now made those squeaky noises and screamed aloud that she wanted her egg poached, sunny-side-up. And that she wouldn't eat it otherwise. Li'l Miss, very little, very pretty sat on the dining chair and made squeaky noises with her fork every morning.

But the sad part was, she was a part of a dream that never happened. Never. She couldn't be born, tired of waiting she must have given up, waiting even to be conceived in the land where souls meet. She couldn't be. With her, a lot of other things too went down the drain. Promises made behind cold walls on deep winter nights, of being together forever. Secrets shared under tall trees, in the corners of lonely streets on roaring monsoon afternoons. All lost. Somebody forgot to turn the hour glass up again. Possibilities died. And the Li'l Miss never could happen. Never.


$uch! said...

:)loved it :)

Anonymous said...

what inspired you write this?

The Sage said...


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Alas, she could not be brought here. And alas, that we are mourning over mistakes made in full conscience.

Beautiful post.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Raajii said...

ah sigh, the way our dreams are crushed and the way the way we turn from little princesses to complete b*tches. sigh.

Anonymous said...

I'm lost for words...This is so very sad, nonetheless a beautiful piece [you are a very talented writer].
Take care, God bless and be well.

Richa said...

This was a wonderful concept and just as wonderfully written. :)

wildflower said...

I know! :D Don't you want to take her out of the blog and hug her?

I am the inspiration behind every word I write. Unfortunately.

:( :(

U got it. I am so pleased.

Enchanta said...

Standing Ovation.

What a beautiful portrayal of some indefinable emotion.

I believe I know exactly what you are talking of.

wildflower said...

The process of growing up isn't subtle. Sigh

Being told that I am a talented writer when I have written about such a tragedy isn't quite the thing, but I am honored.

Thanks, I was surprised when it occurred to me.

Lady, take a seat ;)

D2 said...

As heartbreaking as the write was, it's even more depressing to think that it is considered quite natural by many.
Kudos to you for writing this.

aria said...

female foeticide?
very nicely written.. sweet and breaking..

wildflower said...

Now that feels good, thanks!

I wrote this with something in my mind, and I am surprised with the different ways in which everyone has perceived it..

Rajita said...

I kind of know what you had in mind but cant really comment on that :)

wildflower said...

Yea, let's leave it unsaid, yet understood :)