Too Late

Behind my sarcasm
and my hate
my unanswered silence
I hide a dime of
gratitude, for you

For without you
I would have never known
love, and its nuances
darlin' darlin'

A long time has passed
since then and now
and I have known
nothing but betrayal
felt worthless, lifeless

Filled with anger
sometimes vengeance too
suppressed screams
I have only regretted
knowing you, my heart

But now
as I realize that
my wait for you is
Oh, it's not a wait at all, it's nothing

You're not coming back to me
we can't go back in time
I can't go back in time
I have to shed my spite
one at a time

I wish to preserve
the price-lessness of it,
all that it was,
let me, won't you? 
And want to

Thank you,
for each smile you brought on my lips
So tell me,
Too Late,
is it?

Prequel: Too Soon


The Sage said...

neither too late, nor too soon... waqt se pehle aur kismat se zyada kisi ko kuch nahi milta...

$uch! said...


wildflower said...

Exactly what I have been trying to accept for the last hundred years!