A silenced whimper

Do you know what a disability is? I hope you don't, that would be too unfortunate. We crib a lot over things that could otherwise seem petty. But we have no idea how it feels to have one unrecoverable lacuna. A void that no force in the world can refill, so much so that it forces you to a live a life with so many shortcomings. You cannot even ask what you did wrong to deserve this. The situation would drive you insane, wouldn't it? People call the disabled, differently gifted and special and blah blah, but the truth is so harsh, it's even difficult to look at it in the eye.

Once when I was a little girl, someone asked me what class I studied in. He didn't ask, he wrote the question down on the last page of my notebook. He couldn't speak. I was a little stunned but I said aloud, '5'. He pointed to his ears and shook his hand. He couldn't hear either, he was deaf. I wrote a '5' neatly beside his question. He smiled. I looked down and cried. I was very young to realize what this could mean, as in really  really mean, but I was so shocked, I wondered how could life have been so unfair, I cried. That was my first brush with a disability. Since then I have encountered it many times, but haven't reacted as much. We get used to such things, human beings that we are, we could adapt ourselves to almost anything.

But lately something has happened, something, and I can't be indifferent again. My heart feels so burdened that I don't know who to ask what question. I don't know how long to wait for an answer. The truth has never been so imposing, unchallengeable and ugly. A disability ruins a life, a bit after a bit, patient enough to cause the maximum possible amount of pain, leaving you with a faint ability of mere survival. It's very difficult.

But then John Nash was schizophrenic. I am awed how such geniuses make it through. Probably because they are geniuses. For the rest, the hoi polloi, surviving through every day, not breaking down every moment is the challenge at hand. God Bless!


AS said...

The human mind has great power, it adjusts and takes every thing into its stride.

$uch! said...

may be its just der will power....y we blessed ppl r so scared of evrythng???

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

And its after they accepted the fact and coped with it, were they called 'Genius'.
Talk of inspiration, but it all boils own to the fact that they accepted reality and looked it in the eye, with inherent fire and desire.

And, God Bless.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Raajii said...

I actually do know how it is like to live with a disability. Its a struggle everyday but you have to hold your head high :)

The Sage said...
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The Sage said...

I have seen disability at close range.. And my heroes have also been survivors, including the one I spoke of earlier...
Disability is a difficult thing to find yourself in, but all you need to make life worthwhile, and more, is never say die spirit!!

wildflower said...

Thank God for it. Seriously.

I ain't blessed much, quite on the other side I stand..

Acceptance brings strength. But that again is the hardest thing.

Yeah, one's patience is tried everyday.. Being frank about it helps too.

Oh you shouldn't have deleted that repeated comment, once in a zillion years I got a chance to pull your leg :P