Last Man Standing

Will you be my Last Man Standing? My last first love. Will you? Please. Because the day I fell for you, I had made to myself a quiet promise that you would be the one. The One for me. And after you, no man would lure me ever, an inch away from where I am. And I was right in your arms. Thinking of you all the time. Kissing castles in the air, making dreams with you. Honey! I had asked all those forces of destiny, if they exist, to give you to me. I wanted you, and wanted me to belong to you even more. I envy that surety, I doubt I could have it again in life. The dire intensity of the craving, makes me gasp for breath even now. I had never wanted anything like that. Hadn't the courage to. Don't know what was with you though. 

But now things have changed, and as they say 'There is no point in it'. Hanging on to illusions, supposing them to be truths, wanting them to be truths. There is no point in it. So in this pointless existence of mine, I have one thing to ask of you. 

Will you be my Last Man Standing? The last one I ever loved. Will you leave memories and pain so strong that I would never incline towards the candy-floss fantasies of love. Will you? Please! Let this be my parting gift. Last so long in my heart as is needed to make love an impossibility. Help me hold that quiet promise I made to myself when you happened. This would mean the most to me. 

Be my Last Man Standing. You will, wouldn't you!


hopelessly flawed said...

this is so intense.
love inspiring the courage to make that quiet promise to ourselves is indeed rare.

The Sage said...

nice write up there, flo... beautifully expressed!!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

It takes a while for love to ripe,
in between it has to go through a winter too,
would you let go in the winter, when the dancing springs are just at the door?
Perhaps you are right, but maybe he'll say no.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Colours said...

this is so awesome! wow!

Rajita said...

He will be your last man..if you want him to
This writign felt close to heart

Mansi said...

This work of your's is really really close to my heart nw!!
One of those piece of writing I would love to read again n again!!!

Soumya said...

Oh God, u just brought back stuff that I had let go..

Awesome piece! But wild, please try to get out of it. Not that though, trust me. As BA says, everything heals with time. Just give it a chance.

No point in a never ending wait.

wildflower said...

hopelessly flawed
Dearest, I love your name. Truest I have ever known!

Getting that from you, means a lot! Proud moment for wildflower :D

This is not winter, this is the ice age. And he wouldn't get that chance to say no, I wouldn't ask!

wildflower said...

Thanks! A fresh concept atleast, in the drudgery of lovelessness..

I want him to be just that, but only time will tell..

Do all of us hav the same story! :(

Yeah, no point! Where in life is the point then!

Mansi said...

Not all...but yes der always are some people!!
Only the intensity and circumstances differs !!

Soumya said...

Everywhere except this point..