You me, January rain, lost roads, cold winds, missing tunes, whispers in the air, solitude, love, the dearth of it, the end of us, the beginning of me, forced belief, a quest for survival, craving for death, winters stood, winters awaited, hallucinations of warmth, drugged consciousness, stares into the dark, colored beads, dazzled eyes, dried of tears, a way to go, nowhere to go, memories of yesterday, a clueless tomorrow, timelessness, success, recognition, failure, estrangement, being ugly, becoming uglier, glimpses of beauty, of forgotten lust, trapped remnants of it, listlessness, being tongue-tied, writer's block, a surplus of un-cagable thoughts, meaningless syllables uttered, toes, red nail-paint, deep, very deep eyes, lined with kohl, in them a distant stare, You me, me me



Anonymous said...

It has been said something as small as the flutter of a butterfly's wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway across the world.
- Chaos Theory
Only good thing about the post is inadvertently there's a butterfly in the pic as well.


Blasphemous Aesthete said...




Richa said...

This so much made me want to write something very identical. :D
Brilliant how you create such an enviable story out of disjointed words.

Mansi said...

Loved the Pic....
and the post off course!!

etymofreak said...

In the end it always boils down to me, me and only me :)
Brilliant post btw :)

wildflower said...

Feel lucky, I allow anonymous comments on this blog.

Yup, couldn't frame something more idungivadamn! than that

When thoughts in your mind show up in bits and you're unable to connect them in coherence..this is what happens. And I am looking forward to this similar post of yours :)


Me is the centre of the universe, wasn't Galileo this precisely wrong! ;)

The Sage said...

too many memories come rushing by... this post is about you, flo or about me?

AS said...

disjointly perfect.

Soumya said...

Totally loved the picture. Its splendid!

Hah, yes! :)

•Dipilicious• said...

your posts make me picture things :)

wildflower said...

You, if you want it to be so

Absolute imperfection was the idea, but thanks anyway :)

I wrote the post for the picture, it was something like that!

Well, they're supposed to :D