Totally Sane

She was reading a book about lovers finding each other in their past lives, the time transcending tale of love. Sarcasm was filling every cell in her body as she moved ahead with each word. All this, ha! One life is all you have and there is nothing pretty much beyond this. And love of course is a costly hypothesis created in the minds of lonely women.

A guy she now has known for six years, pictures of him came trickling into her mind. The Metallica T shirt wearing hooligan he used to be in school, down the lane, chasing bootylicious nymphs, wasting his precious time! Way back then she used to be quite the antithesis of the bootylicious nymph and so she laughed, how life comes around. This guy and she were never meant to be friends, there wasn't a motive behind them even coming across each other. Honestly, they weren't even friends in the truest sense of the word. They were acquaintances, who stayed in touch. Why did they stay in touch? Because there wasn't a motive behind them turning away from each other. The thing is like that. You can't help the presence of some people in your life, you're mostly indifferent, so much else is happening all the time and you're already so bummed. At the end of the hoopla, you find that person still there, like always. And this way, they moved on, together, alone.

He had a violent break-up, ended up so miserable that she poured in all the sympathy she could. In such a situation, their getting cozy was but inevitable, I mean how could you not. But they respected some ground realities, both of them. No matter how intimate they were, they couldn't be together, she didn't have to remind him of that ever. She had a couple of heartbreaks too, sometimes he was a bit of a help. Six years went by.

She was reading this book about the time transcending tale of love. He popped the question. Will you be my girl friend. He couldn't make out what she was thinking, there was a short lull. And then she shot back. How bored are you, with your life!

Went back to the book, totally sane. So sure that their friendship wasn't effectively ruined, or anything.

Sometimes you feel like thanking people for just being there in your life, though they had no other way but be.


Soumya said...

Absolutely love the last line..

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Nothing to say. Its so simple, and beautiful.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Enchanta said...

"And this way, they moved on, together, alone."

There's a reason why I find you to be an amazing writer.

The Sage said...

i like the guy of your story... must have taken lots of guts to come up and say that to the girl!!

wildflower said...

Last lines are hard to decide on cuz you always wanna leave the reader enchanted.

Blasphemous Aesthete
Thanks! :)

That's pretty sweet of you..

Well he could've been joking :P

Mansi said...

I secnd with Soumya!!!
Loved the last line!!

Bhav said...

Love each and every line of the post... Never thot dis will be ur reaction on reading d book :P