they had a big fight in the morning. no, it was nothing pent up for days. they lived their life in real time, as in you know, neither would or could hide anything from the other. there was no scope for hiding even a single emotion. the moment they were in love with each other, both of them knew it just like that, there was no need of a proposal or a confession. and that was the way it was with them. so today morning when they knew they hated each other, they sometimes do that, both of them knew it and she threw the vase on the wall, not at him, it was a gift from him, a very special one, all the gifts are special, aren't they? she went breathless with tears and just when the moment came when she wanted him to take her in his arms and console her like a baby, he walked out. yeah, he walked out of the house, their house, and she heard the door bang and the noise of it defeaned her for a second, it so shocked her that she stopped crying for a second. the wailing had reduced to crying when he left the room and it became like weeping when she heard the door bang, and a minute or two later it stopped. like immediately, the way the anger had errupted a few minutes ago, like that. now she knew there was noone in that house who would listen to her, she sat totally quietened. a mild wind flew in through the window, parting the curtains that they had bought last September, and the windchime in the living room, made a soft sound, like trying to tell her that though he was gone, there was something still there in the house, something alive and something that could still hear her. then she began missing him terribly, that it made her feel sick. her chest made heaving sounds in gasps and then she looked out of the bedroom window, if she could catch a glimpse of him leave, but she had already missed him, by a whisker, or by a minute or two.

she sat there and wondered if he would ever be able to fathom the depth of the bond that held them together, in the most compulsive of manners it tied their souls together, in a way that no reason could justify. as their attraction didn't have a reason, and they never tried to look for it. like either always wanted to possess the other, and be possessed in return. it was more furious than friendly. it scared her sometimes, the aching need, their total non-existence outside the couple they made, it was beyond the modern convention of marriage, or
rather beneath it, but they didn't seem to care.

the whole day she sat there and wondered that and missed him, by the window, watching the traffic glide by, morning become afternoon, inconsequential people on the street, but all that numbed her senses was that the one consequential person in her life was away, and angry, somewhere she didn't know where, she didn't know who he was with, was he still angry as much, did he get himself something to eat all day? did he, think about her the way she did?

then it got night, the sun sank, and the day was gone as the sum of long periods of waiting, intervals between which didn't seem to exist. he hadn't come back yet. that fear crippled her sanity, she began imagining sounds, his footsteps, trying to convince herself that none of this was happening for real, just a bad dream which she will wake up from, only to find him by her side, to be reassured to sleep, kissed to sleep, like ever. But no, she couldn't hear any such sounds, no matter how hard she tried..

later in the night when it rained hard, and thundered, he walked back in, measuring his every step, neatly, like he didn't want to wake her up if she was asleep. she ran into his arms, like they had been apart a hundred years, and filled his face with her kisses, wet his cheeks with her tears, though she knew he so hated tears, she couldn't hold herslef anymore, and cried, he lifted her from the floor as they hugged, like they always did, and they smiled. it was their time to smile, and both of them jus knew..


arvind said...

the waiting is always - fearsome..
just like standing in a cold rainy night - the feelings are dwendling and flowing in the way you want..

atleast thanks for the happy ending..

The Rain Crab said...

very nice wildflower!!! :)

Dreamcatcher said...

lovely....d end where he cums back...expected, but still felt her joy wen he kissed her and held her in his arms...awesum

wildflower said...

@ arvind..
so u read till the end.. gud :D

@ Rain
thnkyu :)

@ Jitsy
Life becomes beuatiful when the expected things happen..

$uch! said...

Life becomes beautiful when the expected things happen.....
but they never really happen :(

teardrops and rain said...

i know this.
i know this is love.
just as difficult the fights are just as sweet the smiles and the hug later become.
but it is always that point in time in life when you think it is just too late.
too late it is.

but it still is beautiful
it is

wildflower said...

@ S
so shud we look for beauty in unexpected things? guess we can..guess we cant!

@ raindrops..
nice name :) thanx for readin..