it had been drizling all day long, she had stayed home, listening to ridiculous music
the day was decent, a broken leg, cereal for breakfast, cereal for lunch
the only oddity was that two old acquaintances had called and were sorry to listen about the leg
the accident that is,

it's unnerving how some incident, silly incident could turn life upside down
upside down for sometime, after which it certainly returned to normal
a new kind of normal that is, a normalcy with a certain realizations in place
she was walking across the road to get detergent, a mundane thing like detergent!

what was she thinking? problems at work, stupid boss, a stagnating resume
lack of time, she hadn't talked to her folks, for days
the guy in her life wasn't ready to move ahead, not even an inch
she was entangled, forgetting that it could get worse

only it did..
crossing the highway was like a favorite passtime, twice, thrice she did it
when someone made her wait for long, it was child's play
but who knew? who knew, she would get hit running across the street
to get detergent, she did her laundry at home, by herself, she loved the smell of clean things.

for the last two weeks, she stayed home like a log of wood, staring out of the window
wondering why had it happened, did it happen at all? wasn't this just a nightmare?
but as time passed, more of it, it settled into her, the gravity of the crashlanding
and that how much more better off she was than this
at least she wasn't stuck as literally as this..

it is pathetic, yes for the lack of a harsher word
how we never realise what we have until we lose it (with the understandable exception of body weight!)
like her leg, temporarily though
i hope she gets back on her feet, with some realisation, the only hard earned fruit of life

until she loses it obviously again, and life screws her only harder so that she earns it once again
you see..life is such a viscious cycle! duh!

I am writing this for the lack of a better engagement, at 4 o'clock in the night. Excuse me if you didn't get it or got bored as hell.


ani_aset said...

Good :) you can always keep in draft and finish the complete story na

arvind said...

still paining?
take care..

The Rain Crab said...

Cal me crazy... but i like ur words even in bits and pieces :) I liked this as well!!!

$uch! said...

me too love ur words :)

wildflower said...

thanx Rain & Suchi..

means a lot to me :)

SammY said...

Haha did u actually run across the road for a detergent :),.. Get back on ur feet \m/

Zave said...

You always have something to say.
Even as you described an accident I could find echoes of so many other thoughts, that they have over burdened my mind!