Human beings in their lifetime are to attain puberty twice. Not once, but twice.

With the first one, their bodies become capable of sex
After the second, their minds become capable of sex..

Most of us, unfortunately, are still stuck in-between the two!


arvind said...

it could be easily termed with a word: ACCEPTANCE..

yes.. acceptance of a gal is enough for a man always.. he may more than satisfied.. physical contact is secondary..

WritingsForLife said...

so very true.
so true!


Vagabond said...

quite a thought

Unknown said...


wildflower said...

@ Vagabond
& i though u wud sue me fr usin in-between ;)

@ Raaji & T
yea yea!! :)

Zave said...

Yes, absolutely.
No wonder either one is never totally satisfied!

Lucifer said...

hain? what?

Lucifer said...

btw does my comment mean m stuck in btwn?

wildflower said...

now satisfaction is pretty idealistic a term..!

:) .. nice to c u here

arvind said...

a song.. a feel..

arvind said...

forget to give the meaning of that opening line..

"in the sky of my heart -
u are the only moon.."

Anonymous said...

"unfortunately" coming from YOU its pretty SHOCKING!!

So how many seasons of Carrie Bradshaw did it take??
Or is this the result of something more fortunate??

Kidding ;-)

wildflower said...

I still haven't had enough of Desperate Housewives :-) But guess Carrie Bradshaw would be more my kind.. ;-)

obssesor said...