until forever

as moments carry me deeper into the night, i live in a sense of denial, clinging on to hope that you will come home tonight, my eyes don't leave the threshold, i wait for your footsteps like an insomniac, such that i almost hallucinate to see you right before my eyes, my untiring eyes, care not about sleep, my heart is beating away in a crazy pain, scanning for every little consolation that could fake your presence, but in vain, it's a lonely night, it's a long night, sans your voice to fill my silences, sans your laughs to arouse my deepest emotion,

after an hour or two, this room will fill with sun-light, then sleep will become a far cry, staring at the roof, i will wait for the day, drinking into the pail of merciless moments, knowing that you wouldn't make it, not tonight, i will shut my eyes to recall your voice and your laughs, and you..aware that you would make it not tonight, not forever

only if i could tell you, that i am here, waiting
tonight and..
until forever


Boobesh said...

show this to yr YOU.
as u said communication helps.. not only verbal but also written.

Zave said...

Yeah, waiting hurts.
That too when we are quite sure it'll never be over and all might go in vain.
Yet, we can't resist ourselves.

D2 said...

Waiting does hurt. Waiting for a lost cause hurts even more. Yet we do it. We're human. We're vulnerable, after all. Waiting, even in vain, is sometimes the one way to block out emotion.

arvind said...

still not read it..

one sentence - one para?

Rajita said...

Don't love too much..just love so that u feel good about it..not beyond it
And yes it IS possible to do that

The Rain Crab said...

I knew someday... some post of yours will trigger a drop of tear from my eyes.... somehow this was the one!

Waiting is scary! kinda hated as well as loved reading this!

(Hated cos i am scared of waiting forever too!:))

wildflower said...

i wish self control came with age!

yea, may be i am just blocking out emotion

i see my future in you, and if you say love without hurt is possible, i couldn't have been gladder..!

wildflower said...

Waiting, makes his absence so conspicuous.. that i feel scared under my skin, scared between my bones

The Rain Crab said...

Dunno what kinda wait is urs... i am waiting for reality :) and it's so darn scary! :)

I jus wish things go well wild! for you and me! hold tight! :)

wildflower said...

I was jus wonderin if waits ever come to an end, in my case it's hardly a possibility..gud luck to u tho :)