Distortions of a Disturbed Mind!

Last night, I dreamt that we were getting married. It struck me bad, because I got to know what was inside my subconscious. Because dreams are the voice of the subconscious. They say, subconscious is the repository of the things that you have been trying to push down inside your mind, deny, forget. And these make themselves heard in our dreams. We dream of what we have been trying to deny. I am shocked because I thought what I thought was actually what I thought. But apparently it wasn't so. I was trying to convince myself there is not a thing that has a future between us. And I had all the reason to justify it to myself. I was battling myself for days now. Last night before falling asleep I felt that I had tasted success, finally! But I dreamt of marrying you! I couldn't have been more of a contradiction than this.

Ar8! This was the happiest dream I ever had, or remember having. I was, yeah, pretty happy. It was set up in my ancestral home, and I was talking to my mother with a serious face. I think I saw you too, in the dream. Walking about. My mother asked you, for the one final time, 'Are you really going to marry this girl?' I was worried waiting for your answer, trampling my fingers, God my palms are going sweaty even while typing this! And you just smiled. I was so relieved, so happy. When I woke up I assumed that all that had happened for real, for a fraction of a minute. And then the joke of it sunk into me. It's weird, to the extent of being sick!

I don't know how to deal with this. We need to talk!


nOt anyone you know said...

best of luck.

Zave said...

Perfect example of how dreams can startle us and bring us face to face with reality, while all we do is keep running.

Anurag said...

After all dreams are only dreams,they hardly become true in reality.

academically impaired said...

relax girl its just a dream... i mean yes Freud bhai kahichanti we're our dreams, but then wat's thr deep within doen't agree to logic and isn't rational, rules of reality do not apply anywhere in it,rite?

so the next time u dream that u r making out with brad pitt or our own desi ranbir kapoor, doesn't mean u've feelings for ranbir kapoor rite? it's just tat u find him increadibly hawt....

maybe its d exams, make be its coz placements r much closer than they appear to be..

enuf !! any more crap from me'd make me sound like (you-know-who)

Rajita said...

I was expecting a loveless post from you..after the last post

but glad to know.you are still normal :P

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

about the last line, YES... and best of luck for that. May the dream be fulfilled.

(¯`•._.•[Raajii]•._.•´¯) said...

well at least you were married in the dream.
Some people dont get to have dreams - only nightmares.

wildflower said...

Courtesy says shud thank you..!

Hmm.. dno..i feel very stupid tho :|

Thanks for the reality check :P

yeah, enough :O !!

wildflower said...

Dreams are involuntary ;) .. And the way I keep falling in and out of love is just getting on my nerves, with age I am becoming only more vulnerable, and I dno how to deal with this..

Will treat ya :P if that happens..

This one my first and only happy dream. Trust me..I am also capable of nightmares only :|

Rajita said...

trust met that this vulnerability will give way to much more strength later
And <25 is no age..come on :)

wildflower said...

I hope so! :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe the guy had hired Cobb & his crew to plant this whole marriage idea, by invading your mind through your dreams & performing the INCEPTION!!

"Your mind is the scene of the crime." ;)

Vasumathi Sridharan said...

I dont know to be happy or sad or somewhere in between!!

I will put one small prayer to god to make that one dream a reality

................your's entirely said...

This reminds me of something in some random hindi movie....

"..Aise khwab nahi dekhne chahiye ke sachaai ko taklif ho.."

wildflower said...

Guess not! He's not as intelligent as you are!

:-) I can just smile..

..your's entirely
thanks for the reality check. AGAIN!

................your's entirely said...

You seem upset with my comments...Apologies if I have wronged you in any way...

wildflower said...

hey..no..please it's nothing like that!! it's true such dreams are stupid..sachai ko taklif hoti hogi..all this was in good humor..please don't misunderstand