I have always wondered why I couldn't be like you
I have also wanted you by the slightest chance of fate to become like me

Yeah, it's been my secret
Craving for a like-minded soul, sitting with under star-studded skies
Talking, delving into and discovering sorrow
Yeah, that's been the dream
I was looking for my synonym.

When by a certain mistake of destiny
I found you

You're my anti-thesis
We have one in a zillion similarities
Scared, I wouldn't ever connect with you, the way I wanted to
One night when I bared myself before you
I witnessed, benumbed, believed

Knowing you
is like
Becoming me

So, I want to
Hold your hand and take this leap
In you I have found


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

nice, reminds me of a song by bryan adams
"Coz opposites attract this way,
if day is night and night is day,
if loving you is wrong then babe,
wrong is right,I aint losing the fight."

Bloody Mary said...

you have been tagged :)

raj said...

A cheap imitation if that's the only goal.

D2 said...

I second Blasphemous Aesthete.
The line, "You complete me." is apt here.
Nice one.

arvind said...

me saw a hiku..

"Knowing you
is like
Becoming me"

how sweet..

Rajita said...

Sweet..take the leap and lets see where it goes :)

wildflower said...

and I wouldn't wrong bryam adams u knw! ;)

Bloody Mary
honored :)

a what?!

I second D2. He does, actually! :)

May God bless me..:)

wildflower said...

& thnks arvind, that's the takeaway from this post!

nOt anyone you know said...

....apni si rang deeni re mose naina milaike!

wildflower said...


VB, I am a fan..! :)

$uch! said...


aria said...

very romantic :D

wildflower said...

:-)) Why do I Write such posts Suchi.. Why! Why!!

:P yeah...gotta spit out the congenital overdose somewhere!