Mary, Mary quite contrary

Bloody Mary,

Love your name..yeah, it's poetic. Mary would rhyme with quite a few nice sounding words and everytime I comment at your place, I have this constant urge to make it rhyming, I have to stop myself sometimes .. !!
The TAG follows:

3 places I would pack my travel bag for:


3 on-screen characters I love to watch:

--Chandler Bing
--Barney Stinson
--Sheldon Cooper

3 moods that describe me the best:

--Lost again!

3 things that I think of doing on a weekend but never do:

--Study, as in reely study!
--Call up granma..
--Clean the junk off my table and my mind..neither's been possible yet

3 things from my childhood I can't forget:

--How scared I used to be of the unknown
--Waiting for my school bus, nausea
--My diary.

3 things I would never say no to:

--A midnight-walk
--Men with intrigue

3 things I can't live without:

-- Being nocturnal
-- Best Friend!

My Sunday was bad. Not bad necessarily, it was busy basically. I prefer work over brooding, so yeah I have sort of grown up. My days are cool, nights are cold, full of waiting. I still don't understand how inebriated  I was when I wrote my last post. But I guess I wrote it down, because it deserved to be here..


R said...

Oh Men with intrigue... Where art thou?!

CM-Chap said...

First time here... First one to say, Good template :)

Ah NYC... Good place to visit to see the scores of people and sky scrappers. Nowhere else you will see so much people on streets in US

Lost in Lonely world seems to be your life quote :)

3 things I would never say no to - Hmm, interesting

arvind said...

"Call up granma"

don't and never miss..
they are costly/costlier/costliest!

Zave said...

The one which caught my eye was the "moods".
Not that I was expecting something very different!

(¯`•._.•[Raajii]•._.•´¯) said...


Barney Stinson rocks :-).

Waiting is painful, I hope you wouldn't have to wait for long :-)

Mr Happy said...

Men with intrigue, hmmmmmm

wildflower said...

No idea, but we're right here..waitin!

i knw..that's caught people's attention :|

:) yeah tru!!

You know me :P

Barney is a-w-e-s-o-m-e! and abt the waits..yeah thnks :)

Mr Happy
Yeah, men with intrigue!

The Rain Crab said...

lost, lonely, and lost again! :) I see something common bet us :)

raj said...

You cannot capture any though. Observer is the observed is an observation and just that.

Cassiopeia Rises said...

Very interesting site you have. I love the gentle sadness in your work.


wildflower said...

a lot I guess, you wouldn be readin this otherwise..

anythin related?, nice tho..

gentle sadness,.. thankyou

raj said...

every bit related.

wildflower said...


raj said...

What were these if not observations of something that is inside of you. That inside of you is questionable as you do not know anything of it and yet you want or like to go, see, love, describe, do and never do, the past you cannot forget, what you can live with or not live with.

wildflower said...

I believe in direct speech though :P but that's very nice..thankyou raj :)

$uch! said...

I Love You :)

wildflower said...

Ours is the only love affair that has ever made any sense in my life!! :)

raj said...

There is no difference between you and a wild flower, why then do you want to fit in the civilized way of being.

$uch! said...

I 2nd Raj

wildflower said...

I used to seek refuge in the identity of wildflower when my life for real became too much to take. But now it looks as if I have become my pseudonym..

And about what you said, fitting into the civilized world is a necessity for me b'coz I can't afford to be otherwise. The stakes are too high..

Raj said...

so what comes without an effort to you?
being a wild flower or
being someone because the stakes are high.
You really want to put effort in being what you aren't?

wildflower said...

I have never thought of it that way Raj. All my life, two decades and a couple of years, I have been trying to strike a balance between my two lives. Between being me and being normal. It has sunk in so deep that life any other way looks impossible. And I have accepted that that's how it is supposed to Be.

Bloody Mary said...

loved it !

wildflower said...

Finally! :) nice to know that you read this..get well very soon Bloody Mary .. take care..