And I had supposed that we had moved ahead. We hadn't. We haven't. We are still there, where we were years ago. Holding hands, fingers clasped into each others', the same doubts in our hearts, the faint feeling of longing for each other, growing stronger by the moment, faltering at times, the same questions irking us now and then. We are still here, standing on the edge of the mountain, staring into the valley, trivially confused, as the cold wind blows into our faces. Holding hands, waiting. Possessing each other, yet waiting for each other to arrive, for some kind of completion. Time hasn't moved from years.

And I thought, we had moved along, grown taller and saner. We hadn't. We haven't. We are still the same. We never changed, despite all the change. Never moved an inch, despite all those miles traveled. You and I. I had assumed, all these years, we were on that endless voyage into each others' souls. But now, when I run my hand between us, I feel thin air. The gap hasn't shrunk. Oh.

Just adding a few more pages to our dateless diaries, doesn't stand proof enough for the whale of time that has passed. We could tear those off and tell ourselves, nothing has happened, make those months and days non-existent. Undo all the hurt, that has come along as we have moved along, as I had thought we had moved along. But we hadn't. Unuh. We are still there, staring into the valley, trust me.


abhijit sarkar said...

Another masterpiece . Each of your word is like a nail pinned in the heart and at the end of it one is left with tears and pain and tears. And after a while you get used to the pain. How insane.

Wonderfully articulated brilliant post.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Nice, we can then call it an 'Impasse'?

Surya Prakash V said...

"I never wanted Anything in life that I couldn't stand losing, now it's too late for that"

- Time travellers wife.

(¯`•._.•[Raajii]•._.•´¯) said...

but isnt that a good thing :-)

wildflower said...

that was synonym, yeah

insanity is a part of my daily diet!

is that in this context.

yah smwot.. there is a beauty in this stillness in our affair.. thanks for makin me realise that!! :)

Tapas said...

Cry, cry itna cry karte ho kayeko, itna darte ho kayeko, pal pal marte ho kayeko? Tell me! Kayeko?(Use the song as a comment for every sad post you come across.Check!) :-D

Bloody Mary said...

Very well written :)

Surya Prakash V said...

Of course, What else could cause the stalemate?

Eternity would be a death sentence many times over if I was allowed the luxury of my memory as well - yet what am I except my memories? :)

arvind said...

enjoy this:

wildflower said...

Thanks Bloody Mary. :-)