it's true, love is the thing between me and the unknown, waiting to take place, like since forever, between me and the unknown, it's true, it's an unending wait, thank heavens, it's never gonna come true, thank heavens, that this wait lives inside me and makes me live along with, this love, this wait, yeah, it's true, love's neva gonna happen,like i and the unknown are a characters in this old lady's dream, and she is not dying, not living still, and we are there, waiting to come true, between the thin strands of her consciousness and coma, when she moves closer to death, we come alive a little, and then step back into the dark, stay on as characters in her dream, waiting to come true, waiting to meet, like since forever, i and the unknown, yeah, it's true, thank heavens love isn't true, thank heavens love isn't true, and that we aren't flesh and blood, but you are a figment of my imagination, and you live inside my mind, and that you're unknown, unknown still, unknown forever, darlin! darlin! darlin! 

I just felt like writing this.
Also, I would like you to listen to this song, for me.


Wont you do this much for me? Read me while this song fills your mind, Lemme move across your mind for those few minutes. Wont you do this much for me? Hm?

Now you're here now I know just where I'm going 
No more doubt or fear I've found my way.. 

Now that I have been struggling with the concept of it, (of love i.e.) for so long, I thought I should stop, at least for now. Like you know, idealize it, and shut it inside closed doors and make myself believe that it doesn't happen. Not to mortals. That deep connection, between souls. Mostly, it doesn't. And this wouldn't be a belief, it would be a truth, like you know, you had cereal for breakfast, like that. A truth that would have the surety of the past. This should help put my quest to rest. 

It's not that I wouldn't believe in love anymore, but I want to make it so rare, that it would quietly slip out of my reach. 

Yeah, that way..


arvind said...

not reading ur post now-a-days with a zeal - feel me myself have to adjust in a relation - with silence..

don't mind.. me may read all this and try to reply what ever me feel..

you are a different kind of writer..

me reading almost 10 to 15 blogs but never find one - with such type of style to express their core - almost with out any compromise.. (rajji is trying but with compromise)

best wishes.. will be back very soon..

Zave said...

What an imagination!
Seems like nothing is real when you talk about yourself.
Are you for real at least?

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

The piano plays beautifully and his voice wavers so like waves... Like the way he did it, though I ain't much of his genre.

Oh and was this post a para or a poem. I feel it was the latter one. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...


nice pic by the way...

$uch! said...

Its not easy to do :(

$uch! said...

Nice :) Loved d fist para

wildflower said...

But like Jesse says in Before Sunset , "Life is supposed to be difficult, otherwise we wouldn't learn a thing!"

wildflower said...

yeah, I sure am- a different kind of writer, we all ar, arn we?! :)

I am a figment of my own imagination. I aint real ;)

thnks! I thot no1 wud click on d song ever.. :)


nOt anyone you know said...

you are the second person after me who i have seen quoting from the movies!! more abt the post later =P