mydark resolutions for TWENTY-TEN:-

the past doesn matter. the future shudn matter..
so if D***s liberate me @ present from the pain of the past an' the fear of the future....then yea, sumtym sumwhr ..

Sexual Fantasy->

Wanna kill someone->
Oh I wud luvta kill lotcha ppl but can't name dem here coz they proly read me :P
but on a serious note yaah der are ppl i wish had neva existed on d surface of th planet. that wud've made ma life a lil easier.

Wanna make a voodo of someone and hurt him->
him? Can't it b a her ;)
for once i wish i cud shut ppl who talk too much crap..!

@ aman..thnx 4 d tag :)

so this is whatt it luks like, even if it looks incurably stupid :D & forgive my inability to provide morbid details due to the lack of any experience in any of the above fields.. lol


The Juggernaut said...


dat was pretty dark =D

Standbymind said...

What u imply by that?

You are a good kind clean n clear human being !!


Old Monk said...

Resolutions are to be broken. So why not go for a change.....nice one.

wildflower said...

@ juggernaut
yup..enuf of sheddin l8 now ;)

@ aman
like u din knw dat :P

@ old monk
:D tx!