Strangers in the Night

It was some crazy special evening. At 5 she decided she should celebrate like normal people do. For a change she wouldn't wallow in sorrow any longer, for a few hours. She called up S. S and she were the best of friends. Though she did never believe in friendship, but she fathomed that if she ever began believing in frienship, it could be only for S.

She was kept waiting and waiting beside the highway, waiting to be picked up. At one point of time she wondered if she had been ditched, like always. She thought she would rather get back to wallowing in sorrow, just when S arrived. Later sipping cold and hot coffees alternately, besides other varieties, they watched headlights on the highways merge on the glass walls of the coffee shop. Watching people, chattering away, so lost, yet so much there. Some happy, some absolutely elated, some mischievous, most of them pretending. Travelling to and away from the coffee cup inside her mind, she rested there, calmly. Waited.

S got talking. S talked about her boy-friend. Though she and S were pretty close, they never expected anything of each other. That probably was what made them stick to each other. But she listened on. They shifted to another table on the verandah, in the lawn. Waiters smiled. New faces arrived. S, whose chair was towards the edge had a feeling that she could just fall off. She laughed at the idea of S tipping off her chair.

Later she got talking too. Then she paused. The pause lenghtened. And then became a lingering silence. She wondered if she would rather listen. She wondered if there would ever be another person, who would be solely hers. Who would listen to her, speak. Who would just watch her sleep. Sarcasm became a person inside her and began giggling and she discarded those thoughts..

While walking back home, she wanted to pick up a rose for herself. She asked the guy selling flowers to do away with the thorns. He didn't and said, 'Only when these thorns get into his fingers and make him bleed, and cause him enough pain, he would think of you and love you more.' She ran away from that place before Sarcasm could gather itself and giggle again.

Later that night, she met a stranger though. The stranger became that him for her. He made her laugh and laugh and laugh. And Oh my god, She found out that she had forgotten the sound of her laughter. That night her cheeks ached smiling all the time. She laughed till tears formed in her eyes. And he went on and on and on. She wanted to store some of those smiles for the next day. She wanted every night to be that way. Every day spent waiting for the Stranger she met that night.

Things went on this way for some days. The moment they began talking she forgot who she was. Only thing that was so conspicuosly present was not them but their ripples of joy.

With time, but, their meetings dwindled. Her waits lengthened. She travelled closer to becoming her previous self. She was aware of what was impending. But she waited for him, nevertheless. That wait lenghtened into an unanswered lull. She moved back into her shell. He didn't come back.

The rose withered. And they became strangers again.


................your's entirely said...

hey ... ineffable once again ...

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

ahh.... I can so relate to this... so beautifully done. You really write very well. :-)

$uch! said...

treasurable moments :)

The unsure ascetic said...

nice one that, check out my big lives , small livess, it is very similar to your story..

wildflower said...

@ ..your's entirely
had to luk that up :P wondered if it was sumthin on the lines of un-affable

@ Raaji

@ S
hmm.. u dint tip off the chair :) thankgod :P

@ unsure ascetic
i will..thnkyu

Old Monk said...

Good one. Well written. Hope that stranger comes back to make you laugh.

slipperythoughts said...

awesomeness!!:) u write really well babe.

The Juggernaut said...

caught up me it was worth it =)

loved it

wildflower said...

@ Old Monk
I sincerely hope he does.. :)

@ slipperythoughts
lyk ya name..! :D

@ Juggernaut
thnkee :)

Gyanban said...

beautifully woven...nice and touching..well balanced emotions and good choice of highlight the sense of pain.

arvind said...

u just described every heart beat of u..

u r the one flower in the desert..

but who said - the flower in the desert - not give a nice fragnance?

whereever it is - the flower gives the nice fragnance..

u r very - minutely - descriptive..

arvind said...

before posting - just decide ur self..

me feel - if u publish - then some may trouble.. (the stranger!!??)

wildflower said...

the strangers just met again. this is for the record. so, what's next!? ;)

arvind said...

what else?

wildflower said...

This is for the record. The stranger is still a part of her life, but a stranger somewhat still. The feelings are mixed, switching between elation & depression. So, what's next?

arvind said...

the wave is starting..
up and down..
elation and depression..

what is next - is not the question.. enjoy the wave..
the fear of losing and the joy of togetherness..

what ever it is - just always thankful to him - as he takes you in this ride..

enjoy the love ride..