Walks To Remember-6

Our cab hadn't moved an inch in the last twenty minutes, that traffic could put a snail to shame. We
decided walk down the distance.

'You don't have dust allergy, do you?', he asked. I wondered if this one was better than his previous conversation starter which was something like gazing at a bsnl 3g billboard and saying, 'doesn't she look like a

'You do?', he quipped again.
'What? Dust allergy? no. why should i?'
'I thought you had the same zero-tolerane policy for
everything in life'

I was trying to figure out what had caused that kind of a jam. Turned out that some stupid festival the city hosted was having its closing ceremony. And all highways were choked. He poked in again as we slipped in between cars that had hopelessly turned off their engines. 'Hey Look!' ,he said pointing at the sky that was lit up with breathtaking fireworks..thanks to the same cause that was making us so walk the talk.

'I wonder if we could afford such a waste'
'You think it's your money they are burning rightaway, don't you?
I looked up at him and said, 'Did you know that fifty percent of this state is struggling bpl?'
'How do you make it a point to be sad about everything dude?
'Don't call me dude'

The impasse got moresevere. I am talking about the one on the road. The one in between us somehow never surprises me. We probably are tryin to understand each other's silences. And most of our tete-a-tetes remore like a war of words. Any one would prefer silence.

'Why don't you wear heels?'
'What?', i feigned a surprise.
'Why don't you wear heels?'
'Why should I?'
'We will look better that way, I guess'
'Why do 'we' need to look better? Can't you just let it be the way it is?'
'See nine inches is not a difference, it's almost a gulf,
don't you think?

I gave him one hell ofa sarcastic stare.

'Oh, the point is everytime we talk I don't want you to crane your neck with an eighty-five degree angle of inclination. See you already have spondylitis'

I tried to hold my laughter tight between my cheeks. I wondered why tall guys were ominous and always brought me bad luck.

Eventually my cheeks gave up though..

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N!V said...

I just love the way u play with simple words...

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

hehe... interesting.

Old Monk said...

I was just trying to compare the fire works in the sky and those between you two....everything subsides...a positive look out,you see. Nice post.

Mayz said...

that was sooo cute :)

wildflower said...

thnx :-)

upasna said...

Oye.. too good :) read something that you wrote after a really long time.. some lines re amazingly written :) :) Beautiful.. a nice start 2 the morning !

Anonymous said...

Why shud he repeat Question Infinite number of times? C'on -> You can answer it at one go....

Why the hell did the Conversation went to 50%... BPL etc....

Hopefully u didnt go to poor african nation in ur disc from thr !!!

wildflower said...

Trust me, I am more romantic than you suppose I am!