some faces are merging into others..the mind is loosing track of time..looking for the past in the present..it is very difficult to draw that thin line between what is and what is no more

travelling unbelievable distances in fractions of seconds..i enter hidden chambers of darkness..and see unexpected flashes of light again

i suffere from a pathetic fear of failure..this fear makes me drag my body with my soul..which would have departed long ago..but for this fear

what is sad is my inability to accept the passing of time..the inevitable forward movement of things..when all i want to do is..hold on to moments for now..and relive the ones that are past

and it is this inability that is killing me now..

..time is like sand that i hold in my fist..the tighter i hold on to it..the faster it slips out from between my fingers..

and i can't bear to see time die this way..my time..


Tapas said...

why 'M'?

Senor Ramirez said...

Reminds me of a quote I once read :
"Life is what happens to you when you are planning something else. "

The Juggernaut said...

butiful =)

wildflower said...

@ Tapas
private & confidential ;)

@ Senor Ramirez
supposedly it does, else one day i wud realise i neva had a life @ all :D

@ juggernaut
thnx :)