awkward silences;

You are my dream, my most imperative dream; I need this dream for my survival; all my life I've done little besides waiting for you; finding you was my one wish; I was almost dead when I couldn't find you; almost; that is how much you mean to me; you wouldn't ever fathom those depths of my obsession; my wait that seemed to last forever; my hidden fears of not reaching you; of returning empty handed from your threshold; you have no idea; you never will know how much I have yearned; the culmination of my every single desire is you.

But when you're before my eyes, even in the flow of our innumerable meaningless conversations, sometimes creeps in an awkward silence; a pause I fear will lengthen into an end or something of that sort; this makes me hate those awkward silences so much and get scared of them allthemore; those moments pass in the slowest of manners possible; every moment making our subconsciouses ask each other, now what?

When our mouths stop talking, our minds start talking; in those moments of the awkward silence. Sometime, mine might even tell yours, just how much I have wanted you.


arvind said...

how cute this one..

at times - love could not so explicit always..

When our mouths stop talking our minds start talking.. (jhankaar beats!)

Boobesh said...

Does the mind say it or heart say it that "how much i wanted you"?
it makes a lot of difference which one say that.

just wanted to ask straight.. ignore if need by

The Rain Crab said...

Silence is awkward and even scary sometimes! Esp when there is lotsa uncertainty and insecurity! :(

wildflower said...

oh, it's all a matter of the heart.. & Rain i know what you mean.. :( there is like truckloads of it!

arvind said...

silence is not of heart..
silence involves - words.. n so its of mind..

heart has only two things -
to feel good or
to feel bad..
(the place fromwhere the ego arise)

$uch! said...


N!V said...

wowww girl..this is clearly you have already found that someone, that someone right out of your dreams!!

wildflower said...

N!V N!V N!V ...!

Hell no! It ain't that easy, and you know that.. ;) aint as lucky as yu girl.. ;)