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Are you just a friend? I wonder. Aren't you someone more than that? You make me so happy. You make me forget, all the bad things that ever happened to me. You make me smile incessantly, I feel crazy after our daily pointless conversations. You bring out this person in me I didn't know existed. I don't recognize her. Or may be I do. She is the person I used to be some years ago, when I was untouched by the harsh realities of life. You bring out the child in me, the innocent me, the beautiful me, and you do that so well. And I am so grateful for that, I can't tell you how much.

But there is one thing that irks me at times. You don't know the real person I am now. The one who is always sad and so full of spite, such a cynic, such a loner. You don't know and I am worried because the day I unleash her before you, you might not accept me for what I am. And that day I will be heartbroken again, and all the spite and loneliness will trace its way back to me. You will leave me as the person you found me. This enormous joy that I find in your company, will vanish like it never existed. That makes me afraid, sometimes.

Or there is another way this whole thing could work out. If you promise to stay with me all the time, be mine forever, then may be the bad me, the spiteful and sad me will never resurface again. You can have the childlike, beautiful me for the rest of ourlives.

What say?

And I guess Friendship's Day is in the offing, I should wish you a very happy friendship's day.. :)


Zave said...

The fear of losing is more killing than actually losing.
And that too when you are dreaming of it, you never know how things may turn out, isn't it?

arvind said...

when to receive a guest - we must be happy..

be happy - he may return..

Harsha said...

nothing lasts .. forever .. do enjoy it while it is there and hope that it does last forever .. :)

WomanInLove said...

Am glad to see a happy post(sort of) from you :P

The Rain Crab said...

oh yes... stay with the one who makes you a better person! :) I wish you all the happiness in the world! Jus hold tight :)

arvind said...

go out..

play some thing..
(me playing Basket Ball - at this age..)
weekly go to one multiplex..
park, beach - felt lot of places..
cheer urself up and

wildflower said...

@ Zave..
yah yah yah!!

@ Harsha
hoping is not a good thing :| :(

@ Rajita
written in the spur of the moment :D

@ Rain
like how tight eh ;) :)

@ arvind
ya why not!

Boobesh said...

u crossed my mind when i heard dis song..
isn't u?

Angels Never Lie said...

sm people r so special to bring out out the child in us....hope u hav dat spcl person forever

wildflower said...

thanx.. wish i cud give that a thought..

Anonymous said...

happy friendship day :)lucky here