He: You know, you are the most amazing girl I have ever known?
She: Yes, I know. chuckles..
He: You know, youuu.. are the most amazing girl I have ever known?
She: Yeah, you just said it. How many have you known anyway?
He: A score of them. laughs..
She: You, my dear are worth more than just a score. You will find many more like me..even better
He: Naah. pauses.. You have a certain Class.
She: laughs uncontrollably. I have a what?
He: looks at her..
She: Okay, okay, now my stomach's hurting!
He: No, seriously, don't you think?
She: Think what?
He: That you're different from all of them, the herd? Honestly?
She: From who? The stilettoed and the aw-am-so-pretty, running around the trees?
He: If that's how you see them, then yeah, them..
She: I know, I am apart from them, but it doesn't pay.. sighs
He: falls silent..
She: Oh, but you too are a lil high now.. smiles, with questioning eyes 
He: May be, may be not.. Will let you know if I remember having said this tomorrow after I wake up.. gets up to leave..
She: sighs.. Class..! Ha!


Mayz said...

the rantings of another Saturday night??

wildflower said...

na..that of a redemptive Sunday morning!!

Hopeless Romantic said...

I have my own version of he/she conversations on my blog...but this one make me chuckle a bit...probably the time to write the next one in the series....The Drunken Conversations :)


Mr Happy said...

tats a pretty lame conversation after getting high :P ,

i think all mirch masala have been edited :P

arvind said...

you know..
u r the best me ever know..
you have a class..
u have a feel..
nvr try to hide tht feel..

just l(i)ovely..

Vagabond said...

she got to him and how!!
how did i miss this?