If I were a book

The seemingly perfect lives of people, the ones that they show on facebook, you know, I was wondering how authentic that is. Because I too post rosy pictures and create one image that makes everything appear good in my life. But if you have been reading me for sometime, you would know, more things are wrong than right. Wouldn't you?

Today I was flipping through the profiles of some of the senior guys in college, seniors during my undergrad i.e.. I was awed and happy surprised, overjoyed, to notice their Relationship Status. Some couples have been seeing each other eversince, all these years. And according to common belief, distance is a big thing to tackle for a relationship. Some of them stood that test. They are still in love, probably will always be. The best part is going through their wedding pictures, you know, flowers, beautiful brides in red, pensive grooms, skies lit up by fireworks, all those dreams staring at me right out of the pages of facebook.

And sometimes I compare their lives with mine. No, I honestly do, though the grounds of comparison are totally unfair. I still do, because cribbing acts as a vent sometimes. And there is another thing I cannot help thinking about. How effectively, those pretty pictures are able to hide the craters that lie underneath.

Everyone isn't as happy as she pretends? Or is she?

Also there are a couple of profiles I stalk, but that's another story. Or no story at all. You obviously know why I stalk them, don't you? 


Zave said...

I definitely agree with you.
But I guess, doubting is in our nature. Might be they are happy, but we make ourselves believe otherwise.
Like you had said, it always helps to see others in a similar situation, may be we try to imagine it thus.
Its just a theory though.

Rajita said...

Stop stalking and one day you will be over it :)

And comparison is the worst enemy..all sorrow spring from that I believe

Vagabond said...

it is always over the top and under the hood.
stalking well i do, have done before..more because i think i always manage to find a lot of vella time...

arvind said...

just start a novel from here..

just make it as 13 chapters for 13 weeks - every friday?

just take the plot - which u like ur own.. (my favorite writer use to say - fix the end and write from the start!!)

we may enjoy that - as all ur post..

Anonymous said...

Accept suffering as an inevitable component of DEEP PASSION.
Only unfulfilled love can be romantic eihh??

wildflower said...

@ Anonymous
Do you know me? Like..really know me?!

wildflower said...

I know, I wouldn't do justice to myself if I were comparing. I should know that I am better off.. :D

U rmbr what i has said? :) what-a-heartstealer that was..!

Exactly why I have begun loving work off late..blessing in disguise yu c..! ;)