I was looking for a decent get away, an alibi that could arrest my mind and keep it out of my bounds. My present state of life, was eating into it, ravenously. And it had to make desperate attempts to save itself. Desperate desperate attempts. So I locked myself in a room and began watching Desperate Housewives. Season after season, mornings, afternoons, latenights, evenings..I passively glared at the screen, into the lives of the four most bitchiest women.

They have every possible scandal rocking their lives, extra-martial affairs, wild sex lives, paralyzing divorces, runaway teenage kids, murderous husbands, murdered husbands, boyfriends who murdered those husbands, jailed husbands, relapses into ex-lovers, suicidal neighbors, darkest secrets to keep, talking neighbors, somewhere a surplus of kids, somewhere infertility, struggling marriages, sleepless nights, dinner parties, drinking problems, jeopardized work-lives, money, lots of it and last but not the least, that impossible wish and will to keep things under control, the obsession to drug the mind that they can manage it all. I am awed.

Sometimes, to escape your own unhappiness, you need to know that others around you are unhappy too. This is where it clicked for me. When I peeked into their lives, I know they are all unreal, even then, I got to know just that, there is so much unhappiness around me. Each one is desperate enough to escape it. And is making desperate desperate attempts to save their lives. And why? Ain't you even doing that?

For the uninformed: sos! is for Save Our Souls


SammY said...

Desperate desperate attempts to run n save!!!!! :),.. U gave dis post a feminine only side by pullin in desperate housewivess :)

chouhaan said...

no i think she put desperate housewives bcoz it is like evrything is messed up for them still they go on doin things in life as usual and its not feminine phenomenon..but it is very tough to say that by doing things as usual is the solution..well i think selfishness is a virtue and if u can do things the way u want then thts all we all ask frm life..but it doesnt happen tht way for many..

chouhaan said...

and ya ur design is strain in the eyes ;) seriously after eadin ur post i cudnt see clearly for sometime...just for the info

Mayz said...


arvind said...

spend some time with children..
could get ur smile back..
(then there is various ways to spend those smiles - wastely!)

second para - is interesting than a hollywood movie..

more boring? - then go for a walk - to buy a detergent!!51..

wildflower said...

@ Sam
mm..tho i smtyms have an inclination towards my gender, i guess i dint have ne this tym arnd..

@ amit
to your first comment>>..... !!
to your second comment>>..see a doc :P

@ mayank
i wish not to give up trying..!

@ arvind
seriously, wots wrong with detergent?

arvind said...

detergent nvr matter..
the matter is that thrill to cross the highways!!

arvind said...

always go there to get a..
to get some words!
have a try - rather tht star+!

$uch! said...

Each one is desperate enough to escape

Zave said...

"to escape your own unhappiness, you need to know that others around you are unhappy too", that was a beauty.