yasp 8

Everytime you forget to call, I am gonna patiently wait for you..without freaking out
I am gonna keep reminding you, honey, until you remember
And I am gonna beam when you smile in return
I won't let go easy, not so easy, ever again..
As I blush under your glance
I promise, I am gonna make sure
That we are happy, with each other
That at the end of the day,
We would be dying to see each other again
And share all that happened day through
And we would go for walks, long ones
But I swear darl, we wills top when you want.. :)
whenever, wherever

Stingy nomore,
Now I am ready to pay the price of love

Nah, I'm jus kiddin~! 

PS: U know what yasp is for right!?


$uch! said...

Yet Another Silly Post :P

wildflower said...

wow.. that deserves a million kisses..
muah muah.....muah!! :)

arvind said...

lot of time it may happen..

but how one could forget if the undertone or undercurrent of their life is "YOU"

me may away from her so long n so far - still she is the undercurrent of my life.. me damn sure..

arvind said...

love is not a beg..
its a flow..
you are a flower..
nvr need to teach
how to be a "FLOW"er