May be

You won't remember the tiny details, neither would I, the pain that came along with what could have been love, after a few years from now. But the memories of the one day of being in love with thee, will stay with me forever. Yeah, one day. 

They say, a thing practiced for 21 days at a stretch becomes a habit. I don't remember when was the last we spoke. But I want to get over the way your voice created ripples in my heart and stole my sleep. 

However, the memories of the one day will stay, the feel of walking on clouds and not meaning to get down, will stay. It could have been love, or may be it was. May be it was..



Zave said...

I have little idea as to who you are, or how your life is. That too mostly via your posts.
But one thing is for sure, I've become a regular reader of yours. My eyes light up when I see your blog updated.
I don't know what draws me here or why am I up at 4 o'clock in the morning reading your posts one after another, without even worrying about my sleep.
You are one of the most mysterious and amazing writer I've ever seen in my small life.
Keep writing, I hope you have a happy life.
Take care.

arvind said...

her memories become
the stem of the tree
within me..
which was greener earlier..
the STEM -
within which my life is flowing..

just me thought over this at my morning walk..

you put it so lovely..
and the realness in the words strikes..

WomanInLove said...

Oh sure it was love..else how could it feel this way even now?

The Rain Crab said...

memories will stay! I sometimes wish i have a selective memory loss!

wildflower said...

I hope that too, and I hope that for you too. Thanx for reading, your comments overwhelm me..

even if it was, it's dead and buried by now..!

me2 me2 :|

WritingsForLife said...

oddly enough, its the little things I remember the most :-).

wildflower said...

Memories are wonderful good things, if you don't have to deal with the past

Vagabond said...

watch 'eternal sunshine of a spotless mind'