Ugly Truth

I love the salsa sequence in The Ugly Truth, Gerard Butler just drags a reluctant Katherine to the dance floor, and the chemistry is magical, intoxicating. Gerard Butler, the guy from PS I Love You, he will always live as that character inside my mind. It is not that I am crazy about that movie, but there was this thing about it, I'll tell you. After her husband dies, suddenly, poor young Hillary Swank has nowhere to go. After his funeral she keeps calling her dead husband's phone to listen to his voice on the answering machine, to cheat herself to sleep. That is the scene I can't get over, because missing someone is such a desperate feeling, it has been giving me this headache for days now, my appetite is dead.

When I loved, I loved with total surrender. I let things happen to me. I let all my guards down. I din't care if it was really worth it. I din't care if the consequences of love, the estrangement, could be self-destructive. And it took some passion to do that, I tell you. Loving like an Angel. Words fall short, words can't ever describe the madness, the will to go to any extent for the sake of love. Letting some stranger of a person, into your life, giving him every single right to hurt you, in all the ways possible, is not just worth it, it is also Wrong.

Yeah, wrong. I should have held on to myself longer. I should have sharpened my defenses. I should have never let him in. I should have never got myself hurt, this hurt. May be I should have thought about the consequences. I should have never loved.


(¯`•._.•[Raajii]•._.•´¯) said...

you loved, and you loved in the truest sense. At the end of the day, that is all that matters, my dear :-).

I salute your courage!

SammY said...

U, UR Love is all one of a kind!!! It takes lotsa guts to accept the fact that u cud get hurt in the end n still be irrational abt it coz its jus love n thers no second thoughts abt it!!! Ppl replace love wit convenience n ease nw n v r not their breed v liv frm heart straight on :) So feel gud abt ur love n look down on the person who had hurt coz they r not worth it!!! Cheer!!!!

wildflower said...

i wish it was all that mattered.. :|

he cudn help it.. & i understand..
he's worth much more :) always will be..

SammY said...

:) U Rok

arvind said...

the second pare is intoxicating..

if so - it really hurts.. (lol)

N!V said...

"PS: I love you"..Even I'm not too mad about the movie..but its special bcoz I watched it with him..and he held my hands when I got emotional :)
Sm ppl, such as me, realise "He (the one they have messed up their lives for) wasn't the right person" only when they meet the 'right' person..when that void in life is perfectly filled..A close friend had once told me with all her heart: Someone will surely love you just the way you shud be loved..And I feel the same way for you are a deep deep person..and I'm sure someone, right out of your dreams, will love you as much as you deserve.. :) You'll remember me then! :P

wildflower said...

N!V, I will remember you even if that doesn happen.. :) u're really sweet!