Misanthrope looks for Misanthrope.

The dead of the night is the best part of the day.

I am watching a movie. I watch movies on weekend nights because I like nothing else to do. I watch movies on weekend nights because they keep me from feeling terribly lonely. It's called In Search of a Midnight Kiss. The name says quite much. It's a very different movie, you know. It's worth a watch because it's worth a watch. It's about lonely people looking for love, and about life. And the print I am watching is slightly weird, it's black and white. And outside the night is black, but they have the damn lights on. I mean c'mon! Let it be dark, when it should be dark.

I just drew my curtains and closed my eyes. My breath settled on the window pane, and it got hazy. Many tired souls must be sleeping as peacefully as could be.  Tomorrow I am not going to be up till noon. I generally avoid mornings thesedays. And afternoons, when people don't just shut up, and I have to listen. Sometimes I feel like my ears are going to detach themselves from my head and fall off like dead jelly. People! I wish I could tell them, just how much I hate them sometimes. On their face. But I can't.

And I am writing like crazy because, I don't know. I really don't know. It gets so hard sometimes, you wish it wasn't there in the first place. I am sure you don't get my previous sentence. And if you did, you could interpret it in ways more than one. But don't.

It's like 3:03 in the morning, and I think I should rather get back to that movie. In Search of a Midnight Kiss. Darn! I am notgetting sleep. But there is something in this time, I am alone with myself. Together with me.

And if you have read so far..

The dead of the night is the best part of the day.


arvind said...

enjoyed the death - with you..

Richa said...

I liked the ranting feel of the write.. and I agree with you. The dead of the night is indeed the best part of the day.

Alone is good. :)

Vagabond said...

i love the last line!!
agreed totally =)

arvind said...

took a print out of ur posts at 2006, 2007..

u nvr going to write a novel..

at least me may read ur old posts -
a post a day..

enough for me!