Deodra sat with her cheek pressed to the glass wall, staring at the lights outside, waitingfor her sandwiches to arrive. Outside was cold, like it had just stopped snowing, the first snow of the season, and people were out after hours. Cars glided up the ramp like sleepy unruly children, and she looked on. Waiting for a stranger's face to catch. It happens, doesn't it sometimes, that you capture the glance of a stray man walking on the street, and the both of you cannot look away for a fraction of a minute. There are a few questions in both the pairs of eyes, curiosity becomes an irrational fixation, for that fraction of the minute. And then you obviously look away, because it gets difficult to hold on for longer, Deodra was myopic anyway. She was waiting for that stranger to pass by, but her sandwiches came before he did, the dream broke. 

Later she walked back the lanes of her hilly town, to the shack she called home, you could see her from behind. The minor sway of her hips, against the background of grey, the hands hanging in the air, free, making moves, surprising her mundane observer. Purple flowers hung from the roofs on either side, Deodra's hands would brush past their petals, just to capture a moment of a smooth sensation, like an infatuation for the most infinitesimal time.  Her ears missed a few whispers in the air, like in a trance, she walked possessed by an unknown force, in gay abandon. She serenaded, only you couldn't hear the tunes. 

She had so many secrets to tell. She had so many secrets to keep. Her secrets made Deodra beautiful. The air around her, would make her mundane observer realize more with every second, how much was yet to be known. How much would never be known. So many confessions to be made, lies to be undone.. but she would let them be. Today, they would die with her. 

Mysterious curls of hair covered the sides of her face, and she wouldn't toss them back. She would let them be. Her eyes would peep from between the strands..

The storm had settled, snow was being wiped off the street on both sides, the purple flowers hung on, and Deodra walked away..


WomanInLove said...

She is adorable..Deodra!

$uch! said...

Wow!!!! :)

SammY said...

Beautiful writin :) Cud Jus Picture ur Words,.. Havent quite seen or known a gal wit such secrets!!!! Y wud the secrets die wit her?? :),. nICE Post!!!

wildflower said...

@ Rajita..
the idea was too make her not so.. ;)

@ S
I know.. :) :P

@ Sam
she is some keeper of secrets i guess..!!

storm said...

Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul.
And sings the tune
Without the words,
and never stops at all.
. {Emily Dickinson}
Fata viam invenient

wildflower said...

Latin for the Fates will find a way

Zave said...

So very picturesque!
I wonder if anyone even standing next to Deodra would be able to notice any of the things you just so effortlessly described.